A Month Left Before The Birth Of A New Year…….

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                   Stardate: 69224.9 (Dec 05th, 2012)

Time flies pretty fast this days. And before you knew it, its already the end of the year. December. Yeah…pretty much has been going on for me for the past 11 months. There’s been those rough weeks, the bad days. But if I were to focus on the good side of things, those happiest moments, it will bring me that smile spread across my face. They say, just think of those times. Yeah….most of them were me cosplaying =D By near the end of December, I be blogging on some of the best highlights of 2012 before the new year of 2013 emerge.

And speaking of that, I don’t give a shit of what some of you keep fouling everybody’s mind that the world will end at Dec 2012! What’s the date again? 21st Dec 2012? Yeah right! You think I’m gonna believe is this so-called stupid predictions! I don’t care what those Mayans think! They and the so-called experts who predict that the world will end on this month were NOT God! For crying out loud! For the past recent years, even back to the old ancient days, how many times predictions had failed!? Seriously! Cause they are NOT God!

Yes, the world will end one day. But I ain’t gonna believe from people’s mouth! Only God knows when! Whether it be 2012, 21st Dec or whatever, only God knows! Those superstitious people are gonna ran amok, thanks to those “experts” who predict the date! Bullshit! Whatever sort of apocalypse you guys are gonna predict or questions of what would happened, I don’t give a shit! Sorry to say, but object me if you wish. I listen to the Almighty then a bunch of predictors!

And also, I rather look forward to a new hope. A new beginning 0f 2013! The future awaits! May the upcoming new year brings new light. The goodness and prosperity for all! =)


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