Halloween Fright Night 2012

Posted: October 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                   Stardate: 69901.2 (Oct 28th, 2012)

Its that time of the year again. Not just any time of the year. But that particular day on that very month where there will be bumps and chills that will fill with thrills that will spook your every bone.

Halloween 2012 is here. The howls are howling to the dark sky and the ghouls are rising from their tombs. So does we, members of the Singapore Paranormal Investigators where we will once again, turn into ghouls and ghosts of every kind and terrorize the walls of Asian Civilization Museum. Yes, we are back there again for Fright Night 2012! Now all restless and ready to scare the living daylight of those walking on Earth! =D

This year, ACM will featured new horror screenings, thrilling performances, some ghoulish gallery experiences, wicked activities and even a kids corner. Like last year, we were also given a booth, where we will display all our gadgets that were used during our paranormal investigation. We are now in partnership with the museum for Halloween. So from there, we will share with the members of public as to how the gadgets were used and what each were meant for.

And this year Halloween, I will be the hellblazing Ghost Rider who was played by Nicholas Cage. I had been planning this ever since my debut as the famous werewolf last year. Took me quite for some time, to learn about this hell creature. The attire he worn, the chain and the shotgun he carried was easy to find. That left me with the skull mask, which I happened to find one in one of the malls in town. His skull was ignite. Fire blazing continuously. So from there, I had use lots of yellow and orange foam to make the fire and attached to the skull. This includes lots of yellow and orange paper. To make it more stand out and realistic, I even paint it with yellow and orange colour paint. With some shades of red paint as well.

Not 100% accurate. But close enough as this is just for cosplay. I mean, who in the right mind would set their head on fire, isn’t it. There’s no way for anyone to ignite their own head! Unless you know of an efficient and safest way to do that =D Wasn’t easy though, and I had took my time slowly doing it. My efforts pays off and I’m happy with it.

So yesterday the 27th is the night. All gear up and prepped.


At the end of the night, it was all worth it! Most amazing of all, Fright night was freaking awesome this year! The anticipation from the crowd was stunning. The responses are good. More crowded than before. But its damn awesome. Also, my Ghost Rider made it through as the hellblazing mayhem! They freaking love it!

Overall, it’s been one hell of a night with my SPI gang! We did a great job guys. Epic! Looking forward for next year’s! =D


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