Before Its Gone For Good……

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                Stardate: 60991.7 (Sept 27th, 2012)

When a SPI member of mine posed that photo of an old coffeeshop in our group page in Facebook, I began to grew interest into it. Describe it as an old Kopitiam, literally means coffeeshop, and located within the heart of Old Seletar, I was told that this place will soon cease operations by December due to the expiring of its lease. Since I was keen into it, I decided that we should check this place, before its gone for good in 3 months time. My friend who had posted the picture will guide us there.

Before this, I had wondered if the coffeeshop still runs. I even had research about it in the internet. Based on the photo shown, I can’t tell for sure, other than being rundown. The only way to find out was to venture there.

6 of us members were free on the day’s recce to the place. The sight, sound and smell were all nostalgia when we landed there. There, the old kopitiam sits quietly at a corner along Piccadilly Road just a few steps outside the Seletar Camp. Business still runs as usual, as for more. There’s quite a lot of people here. Most of them are workers, where they had worked nearby. Took me to realize that its within their lunch hour time.

The kopitiam is nothing more like a typical coffeeshop found elsewhere in Singapore. It looks rundown, and resembles more of an old school tuckshop or canteen back in those kampong days. This may also be probably one of the oldest kampong structures left here. Though appeared rusty, but it was been kept clean and maintained.

I’ve gathered from its history, that this old kopitiam has been in operation since 1969. Back in those days, it served drinks and bites to British army personal, and later to the Singapore Armed Forces staff. Now, other than construction workers, it also serve staff and workers from the nearby Aerospace Hub which is currently under construction and those from the Seletar Camp as well.

Not only just the kopitiam, we also explore certain areas within Seletar. This has been plan some time back. And since we are here, let’s go for it! =)

Seletar itself shall be renew, due to the development of the new Aerospace Hub. Heavy construction is currently taking place and I’ve read, it was expected to be complete in 2018. This fortress will soon house industries which specialize in aircraft maintenance and repair services.

Many of the old black and white colonial house within the compound had already been vacated. Some demolished. But there are few that were still standing and had people living inside. There are a few however, been converted into offices and training classes in conjunction with the Aerospace Hub.

After a day’s exploring, we went back to the old kopitiam to spend one last drinking session before we call it a day. Soon, this piece of nostalgia will disappear in the face of a modern Singapore. Let history share its name soon. But one thing for sure, we are glad to had taken this time and come visit the place before its gone for good. Its really worth an historical, as well as an educational trip! =)


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