It Rain When The Fun Just Begins…..

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                Stardate: 61241.8 (Sept 10th, 2012)

I was been invited as a cosplayer to join in this Family Picnic By the Bay, which takes place on an open field located at the very heart of this peaceful residential estate known as Tanjong Rhu. The event was held yesterday the 9th. There will be some free sculptured balloons and face painting for the kids, some dancing and performances on stage. My friend who invite me say that it will be great if I were to be there as a Power Ranger since there will be kids around. Oh definitely this one is a yes! I’m free anyway. There gonna be more than what is expected there.

However, before we reach the venue, we notice that the sky doesn’t look so good. Oh great…nooooo….don’t let it be… The event itself had already commenced. Then halfway through, the sky started drizzling.

Just great! Just my luck! Damn disappointed. Worse, the visor of my helmet keeps fogging, no matter how many times I had use the anti-fog spray on it. All thanks to the rain. I can’t even see a thing! And its kinda annoying, let alone troublesome for me to remove the helmet every now and then just to clear up the fog across the visor! Rainwater keep leaking through the small gaps of my helmet!

Because of that, I can’t entertain the people, especially the children as much as I want to. I only manage to spare that effort of at least 15 – 20 mins of entertaining the public. I only had less fun… =( Not only that, my friends who were doing the face painting for the kids have to stop due to the rain. The rain had interfere their work and its really messy. So disappointing…. =(

We had to cut our involvement short due to the rain, other than being wet. So we got no choice but to leave the venue and had dinner nearby instead. The event itself still runs until 2200hrs as accordingly. So sad that I can’t do much…. But can’t be help though. We just happened to pick a wrong date……..

These are some few photos taken on that day by the people involve. Not much though, but its worth the take! =)

A friend told me,  even if its a short while, the effort and my enthusiasm as Red Ranger does gave them a memorable time. Well, couldn’t agreed more though. They never expect there will be a Power Ranger right? =D Kids can’t resist seeing colourful superheroes like Power Rangers. Yesterday was indeed a huge surprise for them! =)

But of course, this goes to the people involve and thank you for inviting me for this. Appreciate alot! We shall do more soon, and its being an honour to be part of the team! =)

And hopefully next time it won’t rain.. =P


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