Singapore StreetFest 2012

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                Stardate: 69991.6 (July 30th, 2012)

In short, the event is organized to promote creative and artistic activities, amongst local youths. The way I see it, its like any other youth dedicated event, where it allows them to showcase their talent, skills and capabilities through various arts, fashion, music, lifestyle trends, entrepreneurship, technology, urban sports, health and environment. Besides, that’s how the name came about. Street! A youth culture thingy.

But from all of the above mention, this also includes where many of us would never want to avoid, since we are hooked to it. Which is cosplaying =)

The event itself is not something new. Its been going around ever since. Even though cosplaying was included, I did not attend back then. Cause that time I wasn’t so sure how many cosplayers were going. I got the feeling that there might be only a handful of them. Until I came to see the photos taken from the previous events. Which surprise me, there are indeed quite a number of cosplayers attend to it. Well, that convince me enough to beam down yesterday the 29th, where the event date is =) The location of the event was at Vivocity Skypark, which is the rooftop. There will be some performances on stage at the Skypark’s Amphitheatre.

But still I got to be honest here. I still got some doubts over the number of cosplayers attending for this year’s. I just have to go there and see it to believe. Since its a small event, I decided to cosplay as Red Ranger hoodie. Though its never before seen and quite rare, its 1st appearance had made quite a hit! =D Also, I will not be the only hoodie there. There shall be the Green and newly Blue Ranger hoodie! =)

My doubts are over once I landed there. There are quite a bunch of cosplayers from both inside the building and out on the open Sky Park. So there’s no hanging back and its time to hoodie up for the fun! =)

These are some of the best photos taken from friends and some of the photographers. Many credits to them! =)

Though there’s a lot of cool performances just near within our reach, many of us are there mainly for one purpose. Its obvious isn’t it? Hahaha! =D Nevertheless, I really enjoy my time there. Glad that I came by. And thanks to all who made it possible! =)



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