Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Posted: June 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                   Stardate: 60919.8 (June 17th, 2012)

Together with a small team of our paranormal group, we set off to recce this Mount Pleasant cemetery which is near to the old Police Academy. This is for a special guest who will be come down to Singapore to meet us, and that we shall intro him one of the most hotspots places here which falls under the paranormal category. And Mt Pleasant seems like a perfect choice.

I have gathered as much info I could find across the internet. On the history side, Mt Pleasant cemetery share the same path with Bukit Brown cemetery. Both used to be one whole massive grave before they were split due to a construction of an expressway. Both does share the same similarities. However, unlike Bukit Brown where there are still people paying their respects to their buried loved ones, Mt Pleasant seems like all forgotten. Abandoned, somehow or rather. Not only that, the cemetery had become more eerie than others. Totally distinguished by the vast wilderness and untouched nature. Drivers passing by may not realized there’s a cemetery. There’s no signboards or any landmarks to indicate this burial ground.

Another story was there this place was once a home of a local Javanese village in medieval times. It was said that place was been dominated by Malay Bomohs or shamans who were practitioners of the black arts. One popular black art during that time was to “create” and control Pontianaks as servants. Some even as assassins. The Javanese village vanished in time and the land turned into a cemetery in the last century.


On the paranormal side. There’s been hearsay that the cemetery was a hotspot for the Pontianak. A Malay version of a female vampire. In the past, people had claimed to have spotted sightings of this blood sucking demon lurking among the bushes. Not to mention, that spine-chilling laughter as she flew over the trees at night. I’ve read that cases of Pontianak attacks have been reported to the police. However they were classified only as brutal murders.

You think the cops would believe such craps!?

The surrounding wilderness there was just peaceful. There’s some few old bungalows located nearby. I wonder if the residents living there had seen such things….

The 1st thing we came across was this old sentry post. Like the cemetery itself, the post were left there to rot. And how bad it had turned out to be and let alone judging from the surroundings, no security officers would ever want to be stationed here!

We walked along the dirt path. Taking photos along the way. Even at board daylight, it does appeared kinda eerie. Imagine when darkness falls, and when there’s no headlights around.

About half a mile from where we had start off, we came across this hut. Its more of like those makeshift temple. We soon realized that its owned by the cemetery undertaker, as there’s a sign next to it. We saw a car parked beside it. So obviously he’s around. We found him cleaning his place. Thankfully he’s a friendly chap who agreed for us to interview him about the place.

We also asked him whether he had came across any such paranormal encounters. Or even heard such things while working alone. For such a person like him who come to a place like this frequently, I guess you could say he’s already immune to such. He’s the undertaker here anyway. He’s yet to see one and even heard such stories about the place. But other than, he’s gotten used to the surroundings and all.

He even volunteer to be our tour guide. To show us some of the interesting and largest tomb ever found here. He showed us one of them which is the largest of all, the size of a soccer field. Cause the tombstones were all arrange in a such pattern to form like a family tree. At the end of the day, he even lead us a shorter route back to where we had started.

Now, back to the point where the series of rumours started because of the so-called Pontianak attacks. From what I’ve gathered, some concluded it as merely just gang fights or criminal slaughter done by humans themselves. Been dragged into the deepest part of the jungle were no one will hear you scream as these thugs slashed you brutally. Then again, from the skeptic’s point of view, the so-called sightings of Pontianak could be just sightings of monkeys. I was told there’s quite a lot of monkeys in Mt Pleasant area.

Even as we speak, its up to each individual to believe it or not as to whether such demons prove to exists. If you ask me, true or not, I just find it really interesting. Its really worth the research. Let it be from a folklore or in reality =)

  1. Gil says:

    I read about the pontianak in a children’s book called SPOKY CEMEITERIES by Dinah Williams. There is only one image of her in the book. She has some light brown thing on her head, her skin is purple, she was red eyes and her mouth is wide open. The book says that she puts on a beautiful lady disgise so men come near, then she takes it off before killing them. The book also said “She hides in the trees and flies through the air. Don’t let her get close!” The book was released on new year’s day 2008. Because of her, I wouldn’t go to this cemetery if I were you.

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