Cosplay At Funan + Photoshoot!

Posted: June 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                 Stardate: 60679.9 (June 10th, 2012)

I was been told by a friend about this cosplay event, title as Asia Cosplay Meet Thailand, which takes place at the main atrium of Funan IT Mall. Soon its poster was been spread across from Facebook. And its just only a week after I attended that Japanese Arts Fiesta event. Since I’m free, I go for it.

The event was actually held the whole of 1 week, from 4th – 10th June. There’s the exclusive screening of the world cosplay summit and asia cosplay meet. A workshop where you will learn how to make costume, craft an armour and learn to connect basic LED installation. Lastly a cosplay competition. There will also be a wide range of booths that sells toys, posters, games and other collectibles. Obviously as I speak, most of us will be there just for the fun of cosplaying as roving cosplayers. I will only come on the 9th, as the following day I will be busy.

And once again, just like during JAF event, I will morph as the never before seen Red Ranger Hoodie. Still quite rare and which dons on a streetwise appearance of nowadays trend. Recently I got feedbacks from many that they seem to like my Red Ranger Hoodie appearance. I can say this rare outfit its a success! A few even ask me to wear it often.

Well, speaking of which, I had to balance on that. Honestly speaking, the hoodie is more of a casual wear. So what I had actually considered, I could cosplay as this for certain smaller events. But its all depends on my mood. Hahaha! =D And also, whether my gang is available on such of this events. If so, I will morph as full Red Ranger when they are around cosplaying as to their main character.

But for bigger events, I will definitely full morph! =)

Then halfway throughout the event, I was told by a friend that he and his gang will be going to Fort Canning Park, where they will having photoshoot. So I was thinking, should I? Cause to be honest with you, there’s nothing else for us roving cosplayers to move around, other than posing for the photographers. So some of my friends who were with me might get pretty bored.

So after spending much time debating in my own head, I decided to go for it. So does the rest. Fort Canning Hill is just a 5 – 10 min walk from Funan. Never realized that its quite near actually……

We’re glad we choose the alternative. We can roam and run around freely in the gardens besides photoshooting. I wouldn’t want to feel so cramped up at Funan and ended up feeling bored. Unless that’s the only place I was been rooted and never was told there’s gonna be something more fun.

These photos were taken both at Funan and Fort Canning Park. Thanks Aizul for the shots taken! =)

The remaining minutes left were just jokes and laughter before we call it a day. I really must get my guys to come here for a photoshoot one day. Fort Canning Park was one of the most popular hotspot for a cosplay photoshoot. And especially, best for newly wed couples.

Overall, the day has been fun. Another success for my Red Ranger Hoodie! Now looking forward for more upcoming events! =)


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