Japanese Arts Fiesta 2012

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                       Stardate: 61113.9 (June 4th, 2012)

I was been invited for this Japanese Arts Fiesta which takes place at Dunman High School. As the name stated, its all about promoting Japanese culture. Bringing in the different aspects that make Japan a country lush with culture and introduce them to Singapore. From music, TV, anime, games, comics, working life, the community, all there just to help you gain a better understanding and insights about Japan. And not forgetting, one of its most popular theme, which is cosplay. One that can never resist if you are a super big fan of Japanese anime =)

Fortunately the event landed on my off day, which is 2 days ago. According to its website, they invited all cosplayers. Regardless. But this time, I ain’t gonna put on my suit. I’m gonna try something different. Yes, I will still be a Power Ranger. But a rare type of trend, as what I would call it. It may appear odd. But hei, I’ve seen odd cosplayers before! For Power Ranger fans, you’ve guys seen Power Rangers Ninjetti and the metallic armor suit. But have you guys seen Power Rangers Hoodies? Yes, that’s what I will morphed into as. All I need was to wear my Red Ranger hoodie, red pants, the gloves, the boots and the helmet. Simple as that! Never before seen! =D

This “trend” is worth a shot! Imagine a Power Ranger morph into something streetwise. Not like some gang though, but held a more flexible look like a teenage appearance in hoodies. Swift, more cunning and super awesome. How cool was that? Even though I made it up! =D

I expect that will those who will ask me, as to how come I cosplay as Red Ranger in a funky sort of way. And there might be those who might ask, may I cosplaying or just casual. I am cosplaying. As Red Ranger hoodie of course.

But its turn out, that my Red Ranger hoodie was a success! There are however, a few did found my appearance somewha awkward. But majority find it pretty awesome, despite the hood been pulled over the helmet. Some even asked, it is somekind of a new trend for the Power Ranger here. That is something which I be very happy to elaborate =)

This new “trend” does catches a lot of attention like the way how I had don on my full suit. I had to admit, I feel really carefree just by simply donning into this outfit. But still, morphing as a full Red Ranger still beat the odds! Still power up as always! =)

Here’s are some few of the best photos of me and my pals. Many credits for the photographers who had taken this shots! =)

The day soon end. We all had our fun. Now that I’m happy how successful my Red Ranger hoodie turn out to be, I’m now to intend to set up this “trend” to the next level. My intention, was to establish a Power Ranger hoodie gang. I had a few of my friends who already gotten their hoodie. But yet to get their helmet and the rest. These are the people who will join me to become the original league of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in soon to come. Once they gotten theirs, a new generation of Power Rangers will be born as part of the league. Power Rangers Hoodies! =D


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