A Hidden Mystery…..

Posted: June 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 69902.9 (June 1st, 2012)

Some time back, one of our agents of Singapore Paranormal Investigators had shared with us that her sister’s home which was located in Clementi was believe to be haunted. According to her sister, she had seen this black shadow figure moving around in her house. This happens when she was alone at home. But on certain nights, she will see this shadowy figure passing through the toilet when she was alone in the master bedrorom while her husband was watching TV in the living room. Even at daytime where she was cooking dinner alone, she will encountered this hair-raising experience where she had claimed that this thing suddenly appears behind her. And when she turn to look, this shadow suddenly disappeared. This has been going on only when she’s alone.

However, she will be shifted to a new house soon. So her sis, which is our SPI Agent was hoping if she can allowed SPI Agents to investigate the unit before returning back the keys to the authorities. Thankfully, with the sister’s permission, we are granted access to investigate the unit. So our agent were given the keys during that period of time.

*The unit apartment and the level of the unit shall be kept confidential. SPI respect the owner’s rights not to reveal the exact location as to prevent any forms of trouble.

Before investigation starts, a small team of SPI Agents including herself when to check out the apartment. They report back later on, informing the rest of us that they had pick up, what is believe to be more than one presence in that house. They had pick up the readings through their ghost meters while conducting the EVP session at the same time. Though unexpected, but yet they gotten themselves some interesting results. What happened next was, as according to them, something had shock one of them that causes the entire team to flee from the unit…..

So 3 nights ago on May 29th, the actual investigation commence. We had start from 2100hrs and complete it before 2300hrs. Its because the investigation starts on a weekday, and the following day some of us had to go to work. Also the keys had to be return by 5 June. So most likely we won’t do it the 2nd round as we had no time for that. So you can say that its kinda of a last minute preparation.

According to the 1st team that had explore the unit, they had picked up the readings that happens all together from the living room, kitchen and the toilet master bedroom. They had placed their ghost meters devices in each of those locations. Simultaneously, the meters had beep all at once, for some apparent reasons. Totally stunned the team rooted on the spot. And seems like, when each question were asked, the meters will blink. Once and twice, as to indicate like a yes and no. So that leaves us, is there really something there as to what the owner had claimed?

We start off with the master bedroom. We experiment by pouring some flour on a poster, and with four lighted candles surrounding the flour. We had that place it near the foot of the toilet. The CCTV, a ghost meter, camera, camcorder and a voice recorder all focus on the items. The purpose of this was to see if there’s any writing the spirit could have made on the flour. For the candles, to see whether any one of them, or all of them were been blown.

It was been said when that happens, the spirit is there. But before doing so, make sure there’s no gesture of any wind and that the doors and the windows from that particular room were closed. This experiment was one of the most common uses as another means to communicate with the spirit, as what I was told. And I find it worth the use of future investigations.

We had used the room opposite as our base. From there, we had spend about 15 minutes monitoring for any sign of paranormal activity through the CCTV monitor. At the same time, bear with the stuffiness of the room..

15 minutes is up. No sign of any paranormal activity been detected. So we proceed with the next stage, which is the EVP session. Me and one of the agents will conduct it while the rest of the agents will monitor us through the CCTV.

Seated cross-legged on the floor, with our backs facing one another, we began the process. We wait for the ghost meter to stop scanning before we ask some basic questions.

And that’s where I felt it. I don’t know why, but there’s this coldspot suddenly appeared during the questioning part. It occurs when we asked something like…“Is there only one person or more than one here? Please do give us your response. (From the ghost meter) Blink once if you are here alone. Blink twice if there’s more of you.”

Seconds later, the ghost meter will lighted up either once or twice. And that’s where the coldspot appeared. I suddenly felt it. The cold hit me so suddenly that I felt like as if it was blanketing me! My heart started beating faster. But I remain calm and proceed to ask more questions. My friend however, didn’t feel anything. I was been blanket by this coldness until the end of the EVP. It suddenly disappeared like it suddenly appeared.

Was something in there with us? Are we alone? Was that coldness somekind of a response to show that the spirit had make presence? I was stumbled upon wondering about this! Worse of all, as to why it remains on me until the end of the EVP?

I update the rest of the guys before proceeding to the living room. We placed the experiment near the foot of the kitchen. This time, we can focus on both the living room and the kitchen just by sitting in the living room. So once again, me and another agent continued to perform the EVP session.

1st few questions doesn’t give us any kind of response. We still proceed. And there’s where I got another round of cold! Seriously speaking, just like how it happened in the master bedroom, its unlike any kind of cold. No ordinary wind would have that kind of feeling when it will blanket you and randomly freezes your every cell of your body. I even felt like as if I’ve been pressure! Yes, you could say hair-raising. My friend did not feel anything. So why me then? Twice!

We continued asking questions. The cold I felt wouldn’t quit! I had to remain calm, eyes looking at every angle of both rooms to see whether anything had appeared out of the ordinary. Inside me, I recite some prayers…..

Then, right at the time where we had concluded the EVP, the cold went away. I was really puzzled. It comes at me, and disappeared once we ended the session. What was…this thing…trying to tell me? Why the rest don’t feel it except me? Is there a connection? Normally, from all the past investigations, there will be at least 2 or more members will feel the cold. I don’t know if anyone of them experience the same way as I had felt. The only agent getting the cold.

Photos taken on that night.

At the end of the investigation, I began to wonder. Are we really receiving a response from whoever is inside the house with us? Was the cold which I had felt, another way of responding to us? But why only I had felt but not the rest? Its stumbles me to the very point, that there’s something within the house. The owner might be telling the truth. But what’s the story behind it, no one knows.

Its a mystery……


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