Re-enactment For SPI Investigations

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                   Stardate: 68871.9 (May 3rd, 2012)

Singapore Paranormal Investigators were been invited by representatives from the Red Communication company, which is based in Malaysia and that they are also part of the country Astro’s Channel. We understand from them that they are currently involved into paranormal matters, as they will be documenting of how we paranormal investigators do and perform within our line of investigation. So likewise, its behind the scene of paranormal investigators.

So yesterday the 2nd, me and 2 of my members (all heads of certain departments in SPI), head down to Bugis where we will meet up with 2 ladies from the company. Their main purpose was to document us, in how we did our investigation. At the same time, to interview us. And by doing so, we have to re-enact, based on that night of investigation. They had showed us a video, where they had document this security guard in Malaysia, where he had share about his encounter with the paranormal at the place he was working. At the same time, you can heard him sharing his story in the background while re-enacted, as according to that night as prior to his encounter.

Like in that video, we will also need to reenact, as how we did on our side of the story. Seeing the video had provided us a good example on how it can be done. So the 3 of us SPI members had listed the 3 best places that we had investigate before, and each of us will take one of these place to re-enact.

Also, by doing so, we also have to select any one of our members to be our so-called actors or actress. But its not just by randomly select. The members that we shall be selecting were those who had experience about that place, and therefore can be a better aid during the re-enactment.

So for the actors side, they will be acting in how they had came about to know that place. How they had felt when they were there? Any disturbance they had felt? Then, they will consult the SPI, who shall send in a member, who will be there to investigate the place.

And even that member himself or herself, shall be the one who had the most experience by how he or her had felt during the investigation. So in turn, that member will set up the equipment, and will re-enact as according to that actual night of investigation.

Sounds interesting. Its worth a shot being in a documentary! It actually reminds me of the local police documentary, Crime Watch. They re-enact on the crimes taken, and how their investigation were conducted. Same thing for us. We will be doing the same routine, in the selected places.

Currently its still in the process, as the 3 of us have to submit our side of the story as how we had experience from the places that we had been. The documentary, as according to the representatives will be just one day. The whole day, as a matter of fact, and lasted till night. Really looking forward for this! =)

*Places that we have selected shall not be reveal until the whole documentary is complete. We apologize.


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