3 Cool Characters In Mind!

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                  Stardate: 69001.9 (Mar 28th, 2012)

I have 3 characters currently running in my mind, t0 cosplay in the future. Ghost Rider, Sherlock Holmes and Batman Beyond. And you can say this trios are the main ones in my list as part of my future cosplayers. But first thing first, let’s start slowly from the top.

Ghost Rider: I’ve been planning to do this after my scary debut as  the famous terrifying werewolf managed to successfully, scare the living daylight out for everybody from last year Halloween. I was interested to become Nich0las Cage’s nightmaring ego character. The way I see it, it wasn’t that complicated to cosplay as one. All you need is a bomber or leather jacket, jeans and boots, as based on the original character. Not to mention, the chains that he had used as his weapon. That, I can get a plastic one at a shop I know located at Vivocity. Then I can just spray it sliver, making it like as though its a real one. Simple idea for any cosplayers to come out with.

But most questionable of all, was the mask itself. I know one place, which is eBay. I don’t know about other online Halloween stores. But as a frequent eBay user, I had been running around there looking at some of the Ghost Rider masks and they do had most of them selling at cheap prizes. Yes, to top up with that, its confirm I will be cosplaying as one, especially for this year’s Halloween =)

Sherlock Holmes: Its all started right after I watch Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, which stars Robert Downey, Jr as the greatest detective himself. And Jude Law, as his trusted companion and assistant Dr John Watson. Honestly before long, I had already draw interest about this greatest detective of all time, who pretty much used forensic science skills to solve difficult cases. Though fictional, I was told that he had inspired many detectives, agents who had worked most of their time in forensics. I remember reading some of his stories when I was a kid. And right after seeing the movie, I re-run what I had read before, and to research more about him.

So right now, its about getting the suit. Its as simple as getting for the Ghost Rider. A trenchcoat (detective style, if possible), a detective cap, a magnifying glass and of course, a smoking pipe. I saw some caps, specially made for those who wanna cosplay as Sherlock, sold in eBay. And some trenchcoats as well, and few of them does comes with a detective style. I wasn’t sure if trenchcoat were sold here in Singapore. I might have to start searching for one locally. If it doesn’t apply to my type of taste, then I had to pull one from the rack through eBay.

Batman Beyond: Its all started during my birthday celebration whereby I had invited some few friends over. All of us were cosplayers, so we were discussing as to who is best suit to which character within the DC Comic universe. And we might be planning a skit if all of us managed to achieve as a team. So they think that I looked good to cosplay as Batman Beyond, who was been depicted by this teenager Terry McGinnis as the new Batman in a futuristic Gotham City and to succeed Bruce Wayne as the next protector of Gotham. Also, if it turned out successfully, I could be the first to ever cosplay from this animated Batman series within our group. So far, we’ve seen from other groups, whereby the cosplayers took on the role as Batman from Batman or Batman Returns and The Dark Knight. There’s yet to be one from Batman Beyond.

After putting in much thoughts about it, I began to realize that its a great idea for me to cosplay as one. Batman is like many of my childhood superheroes. Since there have been others that we know who had cosplay as previous Batmans, so why not someone like me took on the role as the futuristic one? One who doesn’t come with a cape, and it only appeared when he flew off into the skies. Sounds cool! I agreed to that, even it was meant to cast as an animated series.

Now, for the suit. Unfortunately, it doesn’t comes hang in a rack on eBay. Even other costume stores doesn’t have them, except for those Batman suits that were commonly seen. I was told that this kind of suit has to be custom-made. Somewhat special, to say the least.

A friend of ours, happened to know of a certain costume shop located in Chinatown, where the tailor, as according to her, can tailor the costume. All you have to do was to provide a picture or two in how Batman Beyond looks like. If this is true, that the owner can tailor make one, then it will be tremendously awesome! =))

But even as I speak and interested for it, I’m not yet ready to get one cause this gonna take a while. Also, I have to see when my gang is free to visit the shop. Provided if I’m free as well. But for both Ghost Rider and Sherlock Holmes, it wasn’t that complicated to get it done. But still, I won’t rush for it. Besides, my Ghost Rider to appear for this upcoming Halloween is still a long to go.. =)

I may have other cool characters in mind. But these 3 are the main intentions I had for the meantime. But nevertheless, even if I cosplay as Batman Beyond, I’m still the morphenomenal Red Ranger that you guys knew, and will always be a Power Ranger. As the saying goes, Once a Ranger, always a Ranger! =)


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