Those Darker Days….

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                     Stardate: 67101.6 (Mar 15th, 2012)

Earlier in the morning, I wish I was still in bed. I hear the wind blowing the rain against the window panes. With that, I pull the blanket up, get all toasting and cozy and fall back asleep. But too bad it didn’t last long. Cause I had to get up for work. Soon I was on the half an hour train ride to work. Still fell half-dead, like a zombie, and wishing I was still in bed. Dreaming away in lalaland….

Oh well. Some rainy days aren’t meant to be lucky when you were stuck a work or at school. Since yesterday the sky has been crying like non-stop. Not to mention, the clouds keep switching their taps on and off, on and off. First comes light, then comes heavy. These darker days sure feels pleasant when you are laying like a hen at home. And sure bound to be very sleepy when you are rotting at work or school. Well it depends how active you were. Sometimes, even gulping down 3 cups of coffee wouldn’t help.

I wondered, could it be the approaching of the next monsoon season? Sure it had been a battered heat for that past few weeks. So normally, as what many would figure it out, there will be a battered rain after that. Oh well, the sky seems to be in a bad mood anyway. Might as well bear with its thunderstorms while lay stranded behind the desk before its time to call it a day.

And here I was, writing this down. Outside, yes, the sky still crying. It was a downpour earlier. Now, drizzling. The wind still pick up strong that I had decided not to use the fan. Nevertheless the cooling of the night is what many of us at home would love to enjoy! =)


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