Cosfest X.2 2012

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                  Stardate: 60811.1 (Feb 27th, 2012)

The first cosplay event for this year which is Cosfest X.2 hits Downtown East at Pasir Ris by storm, which was held yesterday the 26th and the day before, the 25th. Many of us are looking forward for this anticipate event. Seems like now, from Facebook, Twitter, blogs, the news spreads like wildfire. Everyone was just too excited about it. Maybe its because there hasn’t been any such anticipated cosplay event last month. So probably the cosplayers were like feeling so dry up and bored. But the way I see it, cosplay events doesn’t really falls on every month! =D

Anyway, I’m too as excited as the rest were. Its fortunate that it falls on my off day. Been looking forward for this. Also, its more than just that for me. Let me share with you this sad news that I had received. About a week before the event starts, I received a message through my Facebook inbox from this female cosplayer. She told me that she will bring along her 10 yr old cousin who loves Power Rangers and was quite a big fan to the Red Ranger, especially.

The sad part is, her cousin was suffering from a cancer. According to her, doctors say that he might not live on. His lifespan could reach till 6 months at the most. But don’t know how long. So she plead, if I can make it to help make his wish come true, as he wanted to see a real live Power Ranger before he depart from this Earth. They always say, Power Rangers is known not only because of their popularity and those explosions made behind them. But they carried that symbol of hope, harmony and happiness for children, the weak, the young and old, and fans well-liked. By reading the message, I was nearly into tears, Seriously, who wouldn’t, especially when it cames from such a young age as 10 yrs old to suffer such a terrible pain! And I will make his dream come true. Since I happened to be off, I will do it. Even if I’m working, I still come. This might be his last chance to see a Power Ranger live. On that very day itself, he will received my blessings.

I attended both days since my off days falls on both. Despite the hot weather, nothing stop us cosplayers from having the fun and excitement. Everybody was in high spirits!

I met up with the boy on the 1st day of Cosfest. I was moving around inside that huge De’Marquee Tent when this kid came running to me and give me a hug. I thought its like any other ordinary kids who would do that when he or she is a huge fan of Power Rangers. Not until the mom whispered to me, that this is her son who is suffering from cancer.

That’s where I felt my heart sank. Like a jolt of electricity, it touches me to that very moment, the sudden sadness and how hurtful the boy had felt. From the outside, he looked just like any other healthy ordinary kid. But inside him, he’s dying.

He looked up at me and smile. I can never forget that sweet smile of his. He’s trying to be happy to see me. His most favorite Power Ranger. From behind that helmet, if only he can see how sad I am for him to be in such a state. I really feel him. I really do. I wanted to take off my helmet just to talk to him. But I wouldn’t want to, eventually. Cause he will notice the tears that started to form in my eyes. Yes, I really did… The only thing I can do, was to give him a hug with a sign of comfort and love and to tell him to be strong. No matter what! I had promise that I will make his wish come true. To make his day, as he wants it to be. That’s all he ever wanted. Just to see a real live Power Ranger. Sometimes, just a simple request can make a sweet child like him to be held on forever into their hearts…

These are the best of the photos taken from both days. Credits to Aizul and Andrian. Thanks dudes! =)

The fun and excitement soon comes to an end. But there will always be more ahead, and its still never too late to be part of it. I for one will missed that sweet little boy…

For the moment, take care of yourself ok. I didn’t managed to get your name, but I know you’re happy as much as I did, that you finally get to meet a Power Ranger. That’s all you ever asked for, and I do feel proud of you. Who knows, we might again… =) You will be remembered…



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