Power Rangers White Helmet Under Hood Collar!

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                    Stardate: 61101.9 (Feb 9th, 2011)

I’ve recently order this white helmet under hood collar for my Power Ranger suit from eBay, and it arrived yesterday the 8th. This is to replace my current one which I had customized it with the help of mum, since the original one I had carelessly left it in the toilet last year at Ngee Ann Polytechnic during a cosplay event.

The current one happened to come in 2 parts. One is the hood itself, while the other drapes around my chest till my neck. Its actually a white turtleneck sweater which I had cut in half. Just to shorten it. Thought it will turned out properly like the way I had expecting. It still looks ok, but not exactly as I was hoping for. Cause the top part of the neck area doesn’t actually stays up, no matter how many times it was been adjusted. It kinda folds down, and this occur when I moved around alot. Well, it can’t be help when you’re too excited being a Power Ranger! Hahaha! I can however, stuff it all the way through the bottom edge of my helmet. But then again, I may look like as if I got a bloated neck. And also it will be damn tight and will be getting too much discomfort.

Another problem was the bottom part of the hood, as it will sometimes came out. Both problems did not occur when I had don the Dragon shield as the neck portion of the shield actually grips the cloth in place. But I don’t want it to happen even without the shield. Its kinda troublesome as a matter of fact, having to re-adjust time and again. Though I got a friend who was willing to help as a minder, I still find it bad and awkward to keep asking him to adjust those problems.

And as such, I began my search on eBay to see if there’s a good underhood shirt. Or some of us may refer to as a balaclava. Fortunately came across a suitable one that comes with a reasonable price. Best of all, its specially design for Power Rangers! Cool! Just what I need =)

Not bad isn’t it? And its universal fit for all. It looks close enough to being a normal shirt with a hood. The one I had I still keep. You know, just in case. I wouldn’t want to throw it away since 90% of it was my mum’s hard work. Other than that, no more worries! =)


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