Pre-Christmas Event (Special Guests: Red Ranger and Venom Symbiote)

Posted: December 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                  Stardate: 67712.8 (Dec 24th, 2011)

I was been invited for a pre-Christmas celebration by a friend of mine which held yesterday the 23rd. As what I was told, the guests there were all prior to invitation. There will be some singing, dancing, small performance and games. The reason I’m there is because, as told by my friend, they will also have some cosplay event as part of the celebration. I’m fortunate to be free yesterday and agreed to be part of it, since there will be kids around and for sure they’ll be screaming when they see a Power Ranger walking in! =D And also, since it was a small event, I had decided not to put on my Dragon shield. So I will be in my original form as the Red Ranger.

So it turns out that only my friend and myself will be involved for the cosplay part. My friend will be the Venom Symbiote from Spiderman. And because there’s only two of us, the organizer decided to make us as special guest apperance for the audience. How exciting was that! Hahaha! They were not aware of the cosplay part, though they were informed there will be some performances. But won’t be expecting such character like myself and Venom to turn up until the time comes where we ready to shock them! =D

Both of us had decided to put up a fighting skit too. An eye-catching for the audience to held back to their seats. And during the skit, a friend of ours will interrupt us to stop fighting, as Christmas is around the corner as we should share the peace, joy and happiness around instead of killing one around. So as such, both of us will end this and shake hands. Peace and truce!

And it turn out perfectly as the way we want it to be! The audience were taken back by surprised when they see us running in and battle! Overall, from the starting to the end, it had been a fun celebration from those involved. Especially at the end, where the people will take their photos with us! HO!HO!HO!HO! =D

Its been a fun and exciting pre- Christmas celebration. Now I’m writing this near midnight. Soon it will be Christmas. So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! Peace and joy and let’s share that happiness for this season greetings! ^^



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