EOY (End Of Year) 2011

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                Stardate: 60370.1 (Dec 18th, 2011)

Just like SOY (Start of Year) event, EOY is also more into the Japanese culture of music, media, games, anime, fashion held in Singapore. And not to mention, the day of celebration for local cosplayers, performers, photographers, artists, exhibitors and talents. Something that can never be miss for such event like this. It attracts thousands of visitors each year. I had miss out the recent past events, and I had apply leave just for this. I’m really looking forward for it. Thankfully, my leave is granted and I’m ready to morph! =D

So this year’s EOY, which is held yesterday on Saturday the 17th will be my first time. Venue held will be at Republic Polytechnic. You may find this odd, cause I, as the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger will be armed with an entirely new weapon. Its not something that belongs to the Red Ranger, but one that comes from the next generation of Power Rangers. So instead of my original weapon, the Power Sword, I will armed with the Power Staff. Its a weapon that were used by the Gold Ranger in Zeo Power Rangers, which is the 2nd generation of Power Rangers after Mighty Morphin. I had made it myself using simple craft materials like foam, cardboard, paper etc. I had waited so long to try it out on the field, and yesterday’s was just right.

Sure, I’ll be expecting some people to ask me as to how come this Red Ranger from the classic series carried the Power Staff, when he himself knows that it wasn’t his original weapon. Hahahaha! Well, I just have to tell them, why not try something new? I know it may confused people, especially fans of Power Rangers. But honestly, I just wanna try something that will surprised people. If the Black Ranger from MMPR can don on the Defender Vest seen in Power Rangers Operational Overdrive, why can’t this Red Ranger try something different too? =D Besides, I only bring it for that day. The rest of the events will be back carrying my Power Sword. I decided that I only bring the Power Staff if my group requested for it as display prop. Or to lend it to those who owns the Gold Ranger suit.

Ok, here’s the best photos taken for that day. Many credits to Aizul for being the photographer, as well as minder! =)

I came to notice however, that the school’s Cultural Centre, where all the booths and event were held ended up having limited space. There’s nothing much to see or move around. So me and my gang decided to roam outside the school compound just to get more highlights and phototaking. There sure to be lots of cosplayers who prefer cosplaying outside the event hall. And the surrounding of the school is good enough for a nice photoshoot =)

But nevertheless, despite the crammed space and all that, I’m not entirely all regret coming down for the event. Like all other cosplay events, I’m there for the fun of it. At the same time, make new friends and share the happiness around! Will be looking forward for it again! =D


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