My Collection Of Calvin and Hobbes

Posted: December 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                              Stardate: 65427.7 (Dec 04th, 2011)

I’ve decided to start my favourite comic collection of Calvin and Hobbies. This popular comic was first introduced by my mom when I was 15. Since then, I had become fond of it had started to read more.

I’m sure many of you had heard about the fun adventures of Calvin and Hobbes. Written and illustrated by Bill Watterson, its about this notorious, impulsive, creative, imaginative, energetic, curious, intelligent, hypocritical, selfish, rude and ill-tempered 6-year old Calvin and his stuff tiger named Hobbes. When no one else is around, Hobbes magically grew full adult size. He talks, he writes, he draws, he dance, he sings, and only in Calvin’s presence. This is what I thought when I first been introduced about this comic book. Until I’ve read in the internet, as according to the creator of the comic book, “it’s not Calvin’s imagination that makes him come to life when he’s around. Calvin views him as a live tiger; as best friend. To everybody else he’s a stuffed tiger.” Can’t say much when comes to having a stuff toy for a real friend when comes to kids like Calvin. Its not something like having an imaginary friend. But one who picture it as a true friend, who is wise, down-to-earth, humble and can be caring at times. Though Hobbes got this nasty habit of pouncing at Calvin upon reaching home from school, he still the type where he will show some support and be there for his pal anytime. A friendship between them ever to last, despite of quarrels and arguments.

Just like any other well-known comic book, the story had captured the hearts of many. Young and old. Dedicated for all ages, as it is richly imaginative, well-written, interestingly dramatic, and as the more you read, the more you gonna expect some trouble from that 6-year old brat! HAHAHA! =D

Well, this is currently the collection I had at the present moment.

Will be posting my collection inside my Facebook account. There’s more wonderful stories from this two wonderful characters for me to collect! =)


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