SPI – Halloween Fright Night 2011

Posted: October 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                    Stardate: 65331.2 (Oct 30th, 2011)

At long last, the wait is over. 29 Oct: The ghoulish and ghosties, and other nightmares of long leggety beasties will go bump in the night. Rising up to fear the living. Fearful shapes and shadows lurking under the pale moonlight, and giving that ghastly glare that terrorize the night. Fearing those and everything in the blind darkness! Halloween returns once again, where the lurkers from the Singapore Paranormal Investigators will haunt the living daylights within every corner and hallways of the Asian Civilization Museum. They have been warned!!

Yes! We are back to terrorize the museum! No doubt, the population of visitors coming in will be a swarm of bees like before. For this year’s Halloween, we will also be given a table, where we will have the opportunity to display some of our gadgets used. Also, its where some of us who volunteer to be photographers will be there to upload all the photos taken through the laptops and send it through our SPI Facebook right in an instance!

And within the dark corners and hallways of the museum, lurking its way on all fours, there lies the werewolf. Which is ME! HAHA! That’s right. As planned, I’ll be turning into one of the well-known and most terrifying creatures ever known to men, as the half man half wolf: The Werewolf. I so truly enjoy my time scaring the wits out of everybody that I was lost in my own world. I jump, I crawl, I stalk, I scale, I prowl, I lunged, I creep, I BITE!! And I HOWLED!!! Also, the fact that I become one make it easier for me too. I just had to put on the mask and gloves while still in my sweater. Nothing else! It goes to show like as though this guy had just shapeshift into one once he sees the full moon. Some would c0me with the entire body fur as in one package. But I rather make it simpler. Besides, it does terrified most people just by one look with that hideous mask and terrifying claws! =D

Man, just couldn’t stopped howling, especially. HAHAHA! Nevertheless, we all really had a good time scaring the wits out of everybody. Especially in one of the galleries located on the 2nd level. The lights there were turned down really dimmed. It gives us the opportunity to envelop ourselves within those dark corners, especially those Pontianaks or female version of the Malay vampire, to jump at any of our unsuspecting victims. What a good way to scare those folks. Be advise though, NOT for the faint hearted! =P

Fright Night soon ends and its time for the creepy crawlers to crawl back to their hiding places. For me, the curse of the werewolf ends and I now retain back to human form. Guess it wasn’t meant to be permanent as mine can only be active during Halloween…. =P Also, a big thank you to all of our participants who make this year’s Halloween with us a terrifying and fruitful one. Its been one hell of a unforgettable night and looking forward of next year’s creepy month! A night to remember….



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