Gonna Be A Werewolf!

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 65322.6 (Oct 27th, 2011)

For this year’s Halloween with my members from the Singapore Paranormal Investigators, I’ll gonna be the werewolf. Yes, the werewolf mask that comes with the gloves that I’ve ordered from ebay just arrived. Finally, my planned of becoming one of the well-known terrifying half-man half-beast is all set to terrorize the Asian Civilization Museum where we will have our event. Its the same as last year. No doubt this year the place will be packed with thousands of visitors celebrating at the place. Last year was a grand hit! Every level of the museum was damn packed! Hardly a space to squeeze through. HAHA!! We could already smell the excitement before the night comes, which is 2 days from now…..

Saturday, the 29th will be the night where my skin will shred… Awaiting for the full moon…..

Stay tuned!!


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