A Backyard Paranormal Investigation

Posted: September 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                Stardate: 65235.4 (Sept 26th, 2011)

The paranormal investigation at this Taoist master’s backyard was been commenced 2 nights ago on the 24th as planned. A small team of us had recce the place 2 months back, just to familiarize with the surroundings and to mark certain particulars areas where we shall conduct the experiment.

*The place and the master’s name shall be kept confidential as to protect his identity and location from outsiders.

We start off at approximately 2300hrs. Only 6 of us agents were present for that night of investigation. As our standard routine, we shall started in 2 stages. The first stage is where we shall viewed the scene of  paranormal activity through the CCTV. The second stage, will be the EVP session. Before investigation was commenced, we scan this particular tree with the EMF to catch any positive readings. It was this tree that left me with the sudden giddiness when I approached it, and suddenly disappeared when I moved away. However, I did not feel giddy when we revisit the area on that night. But I do feel a chill as I circled around it. Don’t know whether it came from the wind or just the feeling of it. Besides, it wasn’t at all windy. Just a gentle breeze passing every now and then.

Other than this tree, we also discovered another tree nearby, where there’s an altar left abandoned at the bottom of it. According to the Chinese, as been told by one of the agents, it was said to be the Earth God. I for one suspect that there might be some entity surrounding the tree due to the altar that was been left there. The rest of the agents couldn’t agreed more that we might get some interesting results from this tree. Even observing it does carried some sense, that something about tree…….like as though something from behind those thick roots and branches were watching us....

At the designated time given, we start off with the investigation by observing the first tree through the CCTV. We had place a ball a few meters away from it, to see whether something moves it. A ghost meter lies a few feet away, with a voice recorder next to the ball. From our base a few feet away, we observed with intense silence for that 20 mins, to see if something unexpected happens. The surrounding suddenly grew silence. As to how silence we were. No crickets sounds. Just silence. A chill rise, really gripped onto our bones, and I felt like as though we are being watched. Could it be? Or was it just me being paranoid?

No sign of paranormal activity appeared for that 20 minutes and we moved on to the 2nd stage. Which is the EVP session, and I had volunteer myself for it. I breathe in deeply before I start my conversation to see whether I got any response. I felt like as though a darkness through darkness itself had swirl around me just by sitting there while observing the tree. I keep my eyes and ears opened sharp to observed and listen carefully to any signs of paranormal activity. Somewhere deep inside the roots and branches that were tangle and coiled like spaghetti within the tree itself, I heard cracking sounds. Some shuffling too. Possibly a small animal or some insects. I was hoping to see if that giddiness I felt before return. But strangely it didn’t. So why was it occur back then but not now? Especially at this present moment where I was seated directly infront of it.

Then, while questioning “Are you living in this tree?” I heard like  footsteps from within those thick roots. I was taken aback. I’m pretty sure there’s no one from the other side of the tree, cause we had checked earlier. A chill gripped me. I ask the same question again. I waited. What I heard was that same shuffling noise. At the same time, my EMF had reached a spike of 0.1+. It held there for some few seconds before dropping to somewhere 90 till 80. Am I getting something here? As such I radio back to base and inform them about the situation. The agent who answered it acknowledge it and requested me to continue for another 5 mins. During those timing, I’ll get negative response and those shuffling or earlier noises was no longer heard. EMF readings appeared normal.

Was that I heard came from some small animals too? Seriously it does sounds like as though someone is there. Infact it occur right after I ask whether a spirit lives in that tree. And to top it up, a spike suddenly occurs on the EMF at the same time. Was it all merely the unexpected? Or so happened to be another one of my reactions to think that I caught something? I take it in the way that the feeling does send me the shivers. Let alone just by staring at it and get that uneasy feeling that someone is watching you…..

The next phrase was to conduct the experiment at the other tree where the altar was been placed there. 2 agents will conduct the EVP session while the rest of us will monitor the situation at base. This time, two josssticks will be placed at either side of the altar. Not only for praying wise, but also to see if we can get a better response seeing that there’s an altar there. Before that, a scan around the tree with the EMF was conducted. Surprisingly there’s a spike of o.2 that occur twice. Could it be because of the altar, that something was in that tree that seems to held some connection to it? Guess we are about to find out.

Since both agents who were conducting the EVP were Chinese, they were advised to communicate based on their own language. Whatever was in that tree, if so happens there is, might understands better than in English. And to what we are expecting, does comes about. Through the walkie talkie, one of the agents there had felt coldspots from where he had position himself. Both at the same time suddenly felt like as though the atmosphere surrounding them changes. They also heard somekind of a grunting sounds, a whisper. Most surprisingly of all was when the EMF shot up to a stunning 0.3+! The highest so far. As according to the agents there, this happens when they heard those sounds. The readings were spiking up from 0.2 – 3. Lasted there for a moment before dropping to 0.1+. Seems like this tree does held some activity, which we believe could be due to the altar been left there. Could we say because of that, there’s something alive in this tree? Unlike the other tree, this one does give off some “responses.”

The 2 agents continued the EVP session for another 5 minutes before heading back to base. As according to one of the agents, the coldspots keeps coming back and disappeared, and later reappeared. And everytime it returns, it send a shivering tone down their spine. They doubted its the wind. We couldn’t agreed more as there’s no wind at all. Just a gentle breeze passing by every few minutes. And from what they had felt, this is not some ordinary wind. Their reactions, their explanations seem to come to a conclusion that there’s something about that right that ain’t right. One thing for sure, it could be due to that altar. It might have give the spirits somesort of a home there, and we happened to interfere it.

One of the agents had suggested that we might need to re-visit the place for a 2nd round of investigation, cause the Master had reminded us that normally after midnight, there will be some “activity.” “They” will come out once the surrounding is dark, as according to what the Master had sense. We ended up coming an hour early. But we indeed gotten some good results from that tree with an altar.

We shall re-visit the backyard in soon to come. The next one we will planned to come around midnight, as recommended by the Master. We’ll hope as to what he had experienced, will be as to what we are expecting when the day arrives…..


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