What’s Fair And What’s Right

Posted: September 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                              Stardate: 65230.1 (Sept 23th, 2011)

Recently, I’ve been receiving a lot of comments through my Facebook inbox, mostly from anime fans about how popular I am for being a Power Ranger. Well, what can you expect when you cosplay as those user-friendly type superheroes? HAHA!! Nevertheless, I really really greatly appreciated and all. Though I feel proud, I still had to remind you guys that I wouldn’t be back in my childhood memory if it wasn’t for my Green Ranger, Barry. If I wouldn’t have come down for the 2010 Air Show where our Star Trek fansite was been invited for the cosplay section, I wouldn’t have know him. Then I would never be able to a Power Ranger. I thank him the most of all for helping me out on how to order the suit and all.

Some time later, I get to know another friend through cosplaying, by the named of Shaun, who already happened to be the Red Ranger. He too, had guide him along, even delegate me with his handmade Power Sword which I later modified it. I considered him as my predecessor, and he too considered me as his rightful successor. We followed as in accordance to the series, where how Jason had transfer his powers to Rocky in Season 2. Shaun, you may have retired, as what you told me, and move on to cosplay as another character. But some day, you’ll be back. Once a Ranger, always a Ranger. Forever Red!! It can be never be without the original red!

To Barry and Shaun, couldn’t have done this without both of you!

And lastly, popular as it may be, as many of us know how popular Power Rangers were. But time and again, I will always mentioned that I do this is to dedicate for kids and those who love Power Rangers. I’m NOT doing this for fame or anything big. If should happened one day I was been invited to be a role-model, or to take up a lead that was meant for cosplaying, I will considered that. Provided if I’m free. But other than day, I’m doing it for those. And not to mention, I respect all cosplayers, regardless whether its for anime, games, etc. I learn alot more from you guys. About cosplaying, the stuffs and where to get them. Cause I know, we all share the same thing! =)

And no matter how engrossed I am as being a Power Ranger or any other character that I had cosplay, I will never forget the people that I am close with. That the most important part in life that I can’t afford to lose. I’m telling you this important facts so that you guys can understand how fair I am towards other cosplayers and how truthful I am with my close ones. Everyone of us has a saying, and I just did mine…


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