Big Teenage Day Out 2011

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                Stardate: 65194.3 (Sept 11th, 2011)

Big Teenage Day Out is back again to send you the thrills and live action on stage been performed by various competitors, as they battle it out by from singing to dancing. Officially presented by TeenageMagazine, its dedicated for teens who are into a whole lot of singing and dancing. If you are into it, love singing and dancing, brave enough to show your talents on stage, this event is just right for you! Let it be solo or group, each of them had put it in their very best effort to work their way up to complete for the finals. The event was held for 2 days. Yesterday, and today the 11th was the finals. Not only that, there will be those lucky ones who will be portrait as the Teenage Face of the Year Finals if they were chosen. Your next Teenage Idols are here! =)

And for the rest of us young adults will just have to took part in the cosplay itself. Yesterday’s TGX event been held at the Singapore Expo was like a continuation for me as I excitedly make their way to Iluma Bugis, where the Big Teenage Day Out event is held. Both events, the TGX games and Big Teenage happened to clash on the same weekend. So I split the days and attend one each on both. Also, I had apply my leave just to come down for this two event. Was working on the weekend, but I had just hate to miss this out. Besides, I had promise a friend of mine, who cosplay as the Green Ranger that I’ll be dropping by today so that we can go morphin together. Yes, he’s finally back, due to his helmet. Its about time! Was waiting for this moment to team up with our very own Green Ranger!


These are some of the best shots taken by Fig Genesis. Thanks for the help bro. Really appreciate! =)

Besides enjoying the fun and all, me and my Green Ranger friend even roam all the levels of the shopping mall with our cameraman following behind us. Also, we were accompanied by two of our friends who cosplay as military, and I feel they were like as though our personal bodyguards! Haha! Doing this actually reminds me of the video I’ve watched in YouTube, whereby 5 American students were film walking around town, enter shopping malls, shops, even a club, while cosplaying as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Can you believe it!? They actually did that just to spread the entertainment around from one place to another. And they were doing it the whole day. This gang sure does put in a lot of effort and guts just to capture the attention. I’m impressed! And I can’t wait to see that video of mine and my Green Ranger friend been developed.

Well, guess our duty as Power Rangers were done. We had a great time, and its been a wonderful Sunday spend around the clock. Now that both TGX and Big Teenage Dayout is over, we shall look forward for the next upcoming event. Now to rest well, before preparing ourselves for another big day! =)

  1. Azli says:

    The best of both red and green rangers. This never gets old!

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