TGX 11 – The Games Xpo 2011

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                    Stardate: 65191.3 (Sept 10, 2011)

TGX, short for The Games Xpo is an annual event which brings together all those games enthusiasts all across the region to surprise you with the latest and cool gaming products that the games industry has to offer. The event will be held for 3 days, from 9th – 11th Sept at the Singapore Expo. So whether you are a hardcore gamer, game developer, game publisher, game promoter, or just somebody who wants to find out more about the latest gaming products, this TGX exhibition is dedicated just for you. It will give you that anticipation, to thrill you to the max that makes you just wanna grabbed them all! There will be a gaming tournament, where gamers will fight to the fullest against their opponents just to battle it out for prizes. If hit at the very top of the scoreboard, they will represent Singapore for the World Cyber Games Finals. Talk about such opportunity!

Besides just a world of gaming, there will also be a cosplay competition which was set by the talent costume company, MoviaMania. This competition is mainly related based on the gaming world. But all types of cosplayers, whether they came from a game or not, is welcome to take part and join in the fun of it all. I was been encourage at the very last day to be part of the competition. I was reluctant at first, since I wasn’t sure if a Power Ranger were fitted for this theme. But since some few friends of mine, who normally cosplay as those series of Mask Riders are going, why held back? One of them had encourage me to take part. Just for the fun of it. So I decided to give in. All of us had agreed to come on the 2nd day, since we all are free for that day. In other words, as it was already been stated, the competition were for all cosplayers, regardless whether they were based in a game or not. And so if I win, I’m lucky. If I lose, its still ok with me. We are there to have fun, to enjoy while we still can.

And before the competition starts, we had roam around the place to be captured in photos! =) These are some of the best photos been taken by Aizul, who was our minder and photographer for that day. Thanks bro! =)

Well, its been like one hell of a day at the event! Haha! For the cosplay competition, I did not make it. But its ok with me. I’m not at all disappointed. I still appreciate the fact that I really enjoy it very much entertaining the judges and crowd. Like I say, we are there for the fun of it, and at the same time to make new friends through cosplaying. Whether we will win or lose, its up to the judges to reveal the score. At least we still got a free goodie bag for all our hard work and effort that we had put on! =D

But it ain’t over yet for the Red Dragon Ranger. I got one more event after this to settle with. Big Teenage Dayout, I’m ready for ya! Stay tune!



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