Singapore Paranormal Investigation: Hungry Ghost Special

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                 Stardate: 65161.8 (Aug 29th, 2011)

Two nights ago on the 27th, SPI leads 15 enthusiastic participants for a night of exclusive investigation which takes at the abandoned rifle range located in the west of Singapore. Yes, its that same rifle range where we had our investigation some time ago. So on that night, will be a special one where it involves 15 selected participants who had registered for this event to take part in the investigation. Also, its a Hungry Ghost Festival special, as every year, SPI will conduct an event for this annual festival. We will introduced them the various gadgets used and to demonstrate how the investigation were conducted. There will also be a short spooky walk, where we will lead them through a narrow trail, where they can experience what’s it like walking in the dark through a dense jungle. For newbies, of course. =)

(The premises of the place shall be kept confidential to prevent any cause of breach from outsiders)

Straight after dinner, we proceed towards the location. As eager as we agents were, so does the participants. Seems that they are ready for what awaits them. Well, we’ll be happy to present them what’s on that night’s menu at this old rifle range where an unknown feeling lurks within. There’s something about this place that really creeps from inside-out. The feeling around it seems rather unparallel. Though there’s no such evidence or facts to say that this place was haunted, we still detect strange movements, sounds, sudden drop in temperature, cold spots and even from one of the agents, where he caught sighted of three bony fingers gripped onto the side of a doorway during a corporate trail. Based on what we’ve gathered, we can now concluded that this rifle range does have some residual hauntings left untold. It seem to be clouded in a mist or some form, surrounding the perimeter. Whatever happens here, does have a dark mystery that was been forgotten after so many years of been rot to that very ground….

The investigation will be no doubt, the same sequence as what we had did previously. And when comes to the EVP session, we will ask for any two volunteers, to see whether they are brave enough to sit inside that particular room and try to get a response. Is that room where we get those cold spots, a sudden drop in temperature and me getting a poke on the shoulder.

Those participants who have volunteered for the EVP session had their own experience to share at the end of the investigation. Few happened to heard these strange beeping noise, so we believe it could be the same beeping noise as what we had heard previously. A young girl, who volunteer with her father claimed that she heard sounds that sounded like chairs moving, while her dad heard some howls from behind him. He dismiss it as the wind. 

But most concerning of all, whoever seated on the left side will feel a sudden cold gripped onto them. One of them even felt like as though someone is breathing behind him. I too, with 2 agents conduct this session after the last 2 volunteers were done. I seated on the left, and suddenly get this cold spot gripped onto me. There’s also a sudden drop in temperature that lasted only a few seconds. But strangely, the EMF that I was holding too doesn’t read anything positive. So what does that mean? Was this “thing” trying to absorb the devices that we are using? Was this “thing” really in that room in the 1st place? And why was it always occur from the left side of the person when he or she were seated?

Despite all that, I felt that we are not alone in that room. Even right as we stepped in, I could already felt the back of my neck tingles. I swear, it really gripped me cold on the spot! I’m pretty sure some of the agents that can sense such things felt the same way.

At the end of the investigation, the participants truly enjoy the time and experience with us. They now can get the feel how its like, before and during investigation. The common tools, gadgets that were used. And especially for those volunteers who took part in the EVP session. How was it like to seat there in the dark, and trying to communicate to whoever that thing is, in that room. Do they feel any presence or any sense of touch? Indeed, its really worth an experience, especially during this time of the month. And glad they were just in time to witness it before that period ends. They truly learn a lot of things from us, and many of them, if not all of them do requested for more in the future. Oh we sure will! =D


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