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Captain’s log                                Stardate: 65137.9 (Aug 20th, 2011)

The yearly anticipating pop culture is back again to continue to showcase the best of both worlds which combines from the East and West. Bringing you the best from anime, games, comics, manga, toys, collectible and movies. You named it all! And best of all, the fun of cosplaying at this very heart of battlefield for all, and to bring you what’s new for this year’s STGCC. Held at the usual place at Suntec City Convention Hall which normally falls on the weekends, the crowd coming in will be no doubt, an increasing amount of anticipating visitors like those in the previous years.

I happened to be working on that weekends, which falls today, the 20th till tomorrow. But seriously, I really hate to miss such exciting event like this one. So far, I had never miss it since my first entry in 2008, and I always try not! Unless there is no other choice due to some heavy circumstances. But if possible, I always try not! And also, I’m dying to try out my newly arrived Dragonshield that were meant for my Red Ranger as a means of upgrading it. Been waiting for this opportunity like for eternity! And as such I had apply for a 1 day leave today just to get out from the cat box. Yes, 1 day. Enough for me to fulfill the fun as a Power Ranger. Now that my leave has been approved, I can finally morphed back into action as the all new Red Ranger in Dragonzord mode! =)


Ok, I shall skip all the frustration of waiting in the queue and getting a booth and fast forward for the fun of it here! Here’s are some of the best photos taken by Aizul. Credits to him! Thanks bro! =)

Also, the event dates was held during the fasting month. But I told myself, as long as I don’t run around much, took a break every now and then, I should be ok. Overall, I just have to endure it as usual.

Anyway, its been an epic moment for me. Seriously, I never felt this damn good with my newly Dragonshield. Its like as though you’ve been recharge to the next level! The entire day has been fulfilled so pleasantly with me been surrounded by the excited crowd eagerly waiting to take photos with me. Well, what can you expect when you cosplay as a Power Ranger or any other well-known superheroes? =P Especially the kids. Its just so adorable and delighted by many of them who will hug me after their photo has been taken. But the most touching of all is when many of them, especially the little girls will cried out to me: “I LOVE YOU RED RANGER!” Though they were just little girls, I still feel touch by those words. It means a lot to me. It really melts my heart upon hearing it and if only they could see how happy and joyful I am behind my helmet. Well, I guess they knew, from a friendly user superhero! =)

Its been a fun and awesome day around the clock, and I’m all ready for the next upcoming event. Stay tune! =)


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