Wonders Of Halftone

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                 Stardate: 65109.3 (Aug 10th, 2011)

Upon seeing a friend of mine posted some few photos of his own comic version that appeared on my homepage in Facebook, I began to grew interest into it and ask him how he convert himself within those photos into a comic layout. That’s where he introduce to me this amazing app, known as Halftone. Thanks Shaun! =)

I’m pretty sure most people who own either the iPhone, iPod touch or the iPad knows about this app, since its only compatible to this Apple devices. I do own an iPad, but I got to transfer the photos from my computer. That could be easily done. I select the best photos I can gathered from my Facebook. But most of them, if not, all of them were so damn awesome that I’m lost in choosing! Hahaha! Most of them taken were me as the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. But there will be few others too, me as not being a Power Ranger. Also, I want to dedicate this new album to my friends too. They will have their comic look inside as well! =)

This app is extremely useful for creating your own comic book. The way I see it, it got all that you need to start one. It doesn’t take long for newbies to be familiarize with its 27 paper styles, 9 built-in layouts, 2 caption styles, 6 different speech balloon styles to choose from, 24 stamps and those funky looking fonts. Especially when you wanna used those effects for a fighter when he punches or kicks his opponent. *WHAM!* Its perfect for many of my hilarious photos! =D

Here’s some few of my best samples =)

And seriously, the more I play around with my photos with this app, the more I become glued to it! Seriously, I having a lot of fun doing this! You can do like so many wonders to convert many of your photos into a comic style. Its just better everytime! =D

And once I’m happy with my look, I straightaway send it to my Facebook. One after each! I was even been encourage to start a comic book writer with me as the Red Ranger and had the stories been viewed in Facebook by using this app. Haha! Sounds like a worthy encouragement. My very own Power Ranger and his amazing friends adventures. That could be done though. But the way I see it, does requires a lot of thinking when comes to writing the scripts, and how the story should goes about. Or it not, I can just mingle around with it based on cosplay events. Like how I had posted those cosplay event albums. From there, I can use it and convert it into a comic book. Sounds like a good idea, isn’t it! Haha! I intend to, but I will see how it should goes about.

I’ll be doing more comic style editing along the way. Now thinking of new ideas for those pending photos =P

  1. Ryan says:

    Naise!!!!! Can become a comic book writer already! =P

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