Backyard That Spooks…..

Posted: July 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 65080.9 (Jul 30th, 2011)

Yesterday night the 29th, a small pocket team of 2 SPI Agents and myself head down to visit a Taoist Master who he claimed that his backyard was filled with paranormal activity as what he had sense. He had liaises with a former SPI Agent before, so you can say that his quite familiar with the first-ever founded paranormal group here and willingly to assist us at anytime possible.

(The Master’s name and his location shall be kept confidential to prevent any interference, not only to him and his place, but as well as the surrounding vicinity. This shall be treated with respect).

With his permission, we were allowed to set up an investigation on his backyard, which is big enough for a football field. But yesterday night was only recce the place out. To be familiarize with the place and to mark out those areas that was believe to held those “things”, and which was prominent for our investigation. This is what we normally do before we established our investigation.

According to the Master, the “activities” will be somewhat active around midnight. Like a full moon gleamed on the night sky, this is the time where “they” seems free to roam endlessly within that perimeter. Most particularly was this big tree, which stands rooted near to the backyard gate. I never knew what’s the story behind it, but info given to us was that there’s something about this big tree which kinda disturbs the Master. Infact, there are few other big trees nearby. But this tree seems to be the one and only that left a puzzling mystery.

Other than the big tree, there’s this one particular tree where all the branches and trucks were tangled and collided to one another. According to Malay belief, this type of tree is best used for the Pontianak or a female vampire in the Malay folklore as their hiding places. Other than the banana tree, which was believe to be their “home”, this type of tree will allowed them to suddenly rage their terror to anyone passes by, particularly men. They will hide behind those trucks, and wait for the opportunity.

Also, this is what I had experienced. Upon the moment I approached this tree, I started to feel giddy. One of the agents with me told me that it could brain freeze. Possibility due to the strong and cold wind on that night. I concluded to that, assuming it to be brain freeze too. However, when we walked away from the tree, the headache’s gone. All of a sudden, like how it appeared. I began to feel kinda paranoid about this. Sure, I can sense “things” when they were strong. So am I feeling that strong sense again?

To prove this to myself, I approached it again. I just couldn’t believe it! That damn headache returns! Like how it earlier simply disappears. This couldn’t be some brain freeze! Something about this tree that really creeps. However, I couldn’t detect any strong presence here. But the headache seems to tell me that there’s something about this tree that I didn’t like. No matter how many times I circle it, surveying it, that headache follows. However, there’s not much readings on the EMF. All appear negative. And the headache’s gone again once I walked away from the tree. Something’s definitely not right about that tree. My 2 other agents can’t sense anything. Not even feel giddy. So why me?

I explained this to the Master about my experience, and also is there anything in particular to that strange tree. He did stated, that those “things” considered trees like that to be their so-called “meeting point.” According to him, the night is still young for “them” and they will only run freely once the clock strikes midnight. And from there, the surrounding area will be more cooling than what we are feeling at that present moment. He could sense their presence around that stroke of time, where all the lights will be turned off. The darkness is where they will creep out. So apparently this type of tree is not only meant as a playground for the infamous Pontianaks, but also other ghosts as well. Sharing the same terrority.

These are the photos taken on that night. The tree, as well as its surrounding perimeter.

The backyard is worth a good place of our next investigation. With all the necessary shots taken and info given, we can planned ahead as and when we can start.


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