The Arrival Of The Dragon Shield!

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                 Stardate: 65062.6 (Jul 23rd, 2011)

Finally! The wait is over! The Dragon Shield that I’ve order just for my Red Ranger about 2 weeks ago finally arrived at my doorstep today. I’m happy to announce that my Red Ranger is now utilized and upgrade with the shield.

Honestly speaking, I’ve been itching to get the shield ever since. I’ve seen my Green Ranger friend had on, and I had even been under a dilemma as to whether to get it or not. Haha! Cause it looks so damn awesome and I just couldn’t resist the temptation! So I had it order from this seller who name his site on ebay as Coloursuits. I initially through of ordering it from my original tailor who tailor-made my Red Ranger costume. But I ended up stumbled upon Coloursuits who offer to sell it as a reasonable price of US$250.

Those who had watch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers definitely knows that the Dragonshield was originally worn by the Green Ranger. He later delegate it to the Red Ranger, after knowing that his powers were been taken away by that evil Rita Repulsa. With the Green Ranger power coin been invested to the Red Ranger, it can be ensure that the Dragon Shield powers are safe from Rita’s evil plot.

In the Japanese original version of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, the Green Ranger however, dies. And before he dies in the arms of the Red Ranger, he invested his powers to him. Its a tragic lose for the Rangers, especially the Red one, since in that series, the Green Ranger was actually his brother. Apparently, both Green Rangers from the east and west had their power on borrowed time. Somehow or rather, they were kept in an isolation manner until that time comes.

So from there, the Red Ranger carries the power of the Dragon Shield, and to summon it whenever necessary. By his command, the shield, the armlocks, as well as the dragon dagger will appeared on him. This also allows him to gain access to the Dragonzord whenever needed.

The Red Ranger was not the only one who dons on the shield. The Black Ranger were once been title to embrace the power of the shield. The Green Ranger do this for the sake of his comrade, sacrificing as what he do best. With the new powers gain on him, the Black Ranger single-handedly eliminate the creature that they were fighting against with. So far, its been only the Red and Black Ranger who were been title. But at most, was the Red Ranger who was been given the ownership. Like a successor for the Green Ranger.

Been utilized with the shield will give that Ranger the utmost power and strength than ever before. They will be energize within its grip and capability. This also includes the utmost protection needed. A barricade of power and defense that shall be utilized for any Ranger who dons on it.

And I personally felt like one too. Seriously! But at the first start, it does took some time to get the shield draped onto your shoulder. Its not that easy as it looks. I watched how my Green Ranger friend had put on. Does required some help though.

And once I had it on, I feel like as though I’m energize! The feeling of wearing it was awesome. I admired myself in the mirror, and I could tell you that I appeared more solid, stunning with that shield don onto me! This is totally awesome! My friends will definitely love it!

This is to dedicate to the kids, and those who are fans of Power Rangers: Now that my Red Ranger is fully utilized, I’m ready to summon the power of the Dragon Shield at any time, whenever necessary! Morphenomenal!

Dragonzord Power!!!!!!!!!!!


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