Cosfest For The Happy Event! =D

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 64992.7 (Jun 28th, 2011)

This yearly happy event is back again for more fun, excitement, surprises, thrills and chills and to make more new friends! So far, this is one of my most favourite cosplay event, as I would normally get to know new friends while putting up a show just for the public’s entertainment purposes. So last weekend, which takes place at Pasir Ris, Downtown East, was a battlefield of cosplayers from different era. The usual sights of large numbers of anime fans. Then follow by fans of sci-fict, games, even military, police/SWATs, you named it! Just about everything down here all seems related.

There will also be a cosplay competition, as one of the biggest anticipation that can never be missed out on event like this. Whether it will be a solo or group, only one will emerged as the champion on stage.

If anyone of you is guessing what will I cosplay as, and had guess what you think is right, then you are.


The Red Ranger from the Mighty Morphin era had set foot on the battlefield of cosplayers. He will join forces together with Ultraman, Chun-Li from Street Fighter, Green Hornet and an elite team of Kamen Riders. All prep and ready to unleash the fun and brings out the joy and happiness for all! This time, its to save the fun and excitement, not just to save the world! Even superheroes need a break.

Its fortunate that the event falls on my off days. It was a usual two-day event, but I can’t make it on Saturday due to some personal commitments. So that last day is my only chance to be there. One day is worth enough for me to fulfill my time and to enjoy the fun around the clock. At least I get to spend it, and this is something that I hate to miss out!

Well, here goes for the day. All this best photos were taken by my friends as I had forgotten to bring my camera due to my excitement as I just couldn’t wait to be there. Many credits to you guys! =D

All fun things soon come to end and its time to call it a day. We all had our fun. And how pleasantly and touching the day was been fulfill. Not only been loved by many kids, two of them even ask me for my autograph! Like as if I’m the actual actor, wearing the suit.

Most embarrassing, if not the awkward moment of all when this group of young girls rush towards me and surrounded me with their big cuddly hugs. I feel like a stuff toy to them. Let alone been surrounded by a platoon of photographers, snapping their shots at every angle while I’m there been squashed so tight by the girls till I almost ran out of air…..

Well, that’s what one of them had promise me, that she will “hug me till death!” everytime she see me on events. Well, I do expected this afterall, since this is not the first time she and her pals of anime fans had hug me so damn tight. She’s a big fan of Power Ranger. Who could blame her? =D Power Ranger can be so cuddly when they are not saving the world. Hahaha! Not to mention, they even chased me across the field, cause they just couldn’t resist hugging me more! You never know how much my heart really melts seeing how cute and compassionate they were just by hugging me. I was all red behind that red helmet of mine. THEY LOVED ME!!!!!!!!

To my Red Ranger, you never failed to make me proud. Its time for you to rest. To be fully energize so you can be ready for the next round of events. Till then, stay tune my friends. I’ll be back for more! =)


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