As What I Wanted To Be…….

Posted: June 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                    Stardate: 64981.7 (Jun 24th, 2011)

Looking back at my photos as the Red Power Ranger which I had posted in my Facebook account reminds me of the time where some of my cousins and myself kept urging who shall be which Power Ranger. We were playful kids back then, and so obsessed into it. That time, its during the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers era. The girls had it easy, as there are only two of them. The Yellow and the Pink Ranger. Its us, the guys, who always had it so loud and choosy. We all wanted to be the Red Ranger. It never fails, as the Red Ranger still remains the strongest, still popular, still loved by many, still kick-ass, a legend till now. It has always been everybody’s favourite.

In the end, I was force to choose as the Blue Ranger. Its not that I don’t want to. I mean no offense to the Ranger who commands the Triceratops Dinozord, then later commands the Unicorn Thunderzord which forms from Triceratops. Then later the Wolf Ninjazord, and followed by the Blue Shogunzord. He may be a stereotypical “nerd”, as what many would dubbed when he wasn’t a Ranger. But he was considered the brains of the team, creating many gadgets to solve problems that not even Zordon foresaw. Amazingly, he even invented the first team’s wrist communication devices, that allows them to communicate among the team and via the Command Center. If not for him, wouldn’t be the chosen five.

Definitely the Blue Ranger is cool, seriously. But I was a big fan of the Red Ranger. So does everybody! Almost all! I then requested for Black Ranger or Green Ranger. But sorry, already taken. That lucky one gets to be Red.

I remember how upset I was. Cause me, as the Blue Ranger, feels like a nerd. They kept saying Blue Ranger is lame, and he wasn’t strong enough compare to the rest of the Power Rangers. But they did not see the perspective and genius side of him. His contribution and intelligence that he can provide to the team, as well as to better aid Zordon and Alpha 5. I know its just a show, and you guys don’t see a reason why there’s a need to be upset. But when you are kid, and believe into all this, you will also ended up believing that you are one of them. Since you choose to be. Always had this imaginary thoughts that if only you were like one of them. But I did not choose the Blue Ranger. Its just that I have no choice but to choose it. But I don’t actually expect them to gave some negative comments about it. Actually, I felt kinda demoralized. Can you believe it!? I can still remember clearly, of how upset I become. And believe it, I was almost in tears too. Seriously, I nearly cry. They had me to choose the Blue Ranger. Then they make fun of it. So it does felt like they are making fun of me as well. I was been mocked!

Oh well. You know, kids! I really laughed to myself by those fond memories when they floated in my mind =D

Soon, as time passes by, and the more mature we become, its all been forgotten. Each one of us had focus on other stuff, and we no longer had any interest in this Power Ranger stuff. Those are meant for kids, and we had not kids anymore.

It turns out, for me, I WAS SOOOOO WRONG!!!!! Hahaha! Many years later, I’m back to my childhood days. If not for my friend who was the Green Ranger, I wouldn’t have become a favourite to the kids. He had help to bring back those fond memories that I had locked away after so many years to be unlocked, and to become that character as I had always to be when I was a child.

I couldn’t have done it without him. And I’m fortunate that I was there during the Airshow event which is last year February. Cosplay talent MoviaMania, as well as our Star Trek fansite were invited to add in the surprises and thrills and be the limelight for that extravaganza event. That’s how I gotten to know him. Its true, that dreams do come true. As long as you put your mind into it, really serious about it, it can be achieve. But of course, like my case, its all depends on your budget. It was never cheap when comes to custom-made, especially when it was done overseas. Patience is the essence. I’ve waited for 6 months for this. It’s worth the spend. Cause its just what you really wanted to be, ever since childhood.

Broken dreams are glued. I’m now bringing it all that is forgotten. Those fond memories……and what its like to be a Power Ranger. To dedicate it for the kids, cause everybody knows that this colour-custom superheroes will brighten them with the happiness, the fun-loving, and being user-friendly! =P

To Barry (Green Ranger) and Shawn (Red Ranger/My predecessor), you guys are definitely right! Being a Power Ranger, just about any kind, can never seem to get enough! =D

So, guess who’s the Red Ranger now? Hehe… =P



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