World Cosplay Summit Singapore 2011 (WCS)

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 64949.3 (Jun 12th, 2011)

While having our dinner right after the Haru Bazaar event last weekend, a friend of mine explain to me about this WCS event and whether I’m interested to join in for another round of fun. According to her, its somewhat similar to Haru Bazaar, as there will be a series of line-up booths selling cute stuffs, mostly anime merchandises and also a showcase of hand-made costumes, props and weapons. This includes a range of exhibition display of animation drawings. Except for the fact that there will be a competition among cosplayers, as this is what the event is all about, and which is based on world summit. An extravaganza one, I should say.

Sounds thrilling! I’ll be happy to go for another round of morphing. But I happened to be working on that day, which is today, where the event is held at Orchard Central. However, the urge of cosplaying in me really kicks in hard and without realizing it, I just gamble my way by applying leave, even though I wasn’t allowed to, due to this temporary post I was attached to. I was certain my leave will be rejected. It happened before. And for some reason, by no doubt, it will happened again. But like I say, I just give a shot.

Just my luck. I was SOOOO WRONG!!! My leave was been approve!! =D I just couldn’t believe it! Maybe for this time around. The next one won’t probably be, until the end of June, where my temporary assignment will end.

But I’m relief to be given this chance. So I happily contact my friend who had invited me for this event and told her that I will be free like a bird for the event. Thereafter, I invited some few others to see if they were keen into it. Looks like my Red Ranger gets another round of pure excitement and probably more hugs, and its only a week away! =)

Well, here I go again. Its morphin time! Alright kids, its time to kick in some fun and action! =)

The cosplay competition will not only for the competitors to compete as the best dressed, but also to perform as the character they were in. They are 4 groups, and only 1 will merged as the champion. But surprisingly, it seems to be appeared that, based on the judges calculations, all the 4 groups markings were tally! Hmm…….seems like their acting on stage was a marvelous one that had the judges to go unfigured. To tell which is which is the best. Seems like all of them are the best! So there is no telling who will merged as the champion. So the next round for this, or so a recount will be shifted at the upcoming Cosfest which will be held at Pasir Ris Downtown East in two weeks time. This one is yearly, and I hope I can make it for this one too!

Nevertheless, its been a fun and fulfilling time for cosplayers like myself to mingle with the crowd and get into the spotlights after spotlights. Red Ranger done it again! =D


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