Haru Bazaar – What A BAZAAR!! =D

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                Stardate: 64931.9 (June 06th, 2011)

I just couldn’t believe it when we landed at Bukit Batok Civil Club Sector for the 2-day Comifest 2 event. There’s nothing to see! Just some representatives and their people exhibiting some of their comics, toys and fancy shirts. Cosplaying? Yes, but only a few!! Me and my friend were like………is that it? We had come for the 2nd day, which is yesterday the 05th. Imagine the exasperate look posted on 0ur face when we notice how little the event had turned out. Where are all the cosplayers?? Based on the photos that were taken on the event which was been posted in Facebook, there appears to be a lot of cosplayers been shown. But yesterday appears to be like a ghost town. Look so dead! No cosplayers were seen roaming, posing for the cameras within the beautiful landscape of the club. Those few held can only be spotted either by the entrance and within the hallway where the people involved were exhibiting their stuffs. What a waste! Believe me, I was from work, and had drag myself here just for this! Tired as it may seems, but I had force myself to stay alert and focus on the upcoming fun. What a major disappointment this was! All the way here just for nothing!

But my adrenaline returns when my friend who had accompany me told me there’s another event taking place at SCAPE. Known as Haru Bazaar. I do heard about it been discuss in Facebook but had dismiss it, since I was aiming for Comifest only. As what I know, its more on exhibiting a range and series of Japanese subculture fashion, hobby collections, toys and that includes cosplay. One could tell for sure right after seeing the name. She told me if I’m willing to opt it, we can forget about Comifest and go for Haru Bazaar instead.

However, I was in doubt, as to whether this cosplay for that event is only meant for Japanese side, those anime, you name it or was it a “one for all, all for one?” Luckily she had a friend who was currently having a booth there to get in touch with, who later informs that whatever you are cosplaying can just dropped by. Also, there’s a lot of people there cosplaying. Both of us were becoming to suspect that some of the cosplayers might have come to Comifest first, before heading their way to Haru Bazaar. Might be probably due to lack of fun at Comifest, so that’s why they go for the alternative.

Well, I wouldn’t want to waste my time here and rot! I had nearly given up and willing to turn around and head back home, if not for my friend here. So, forget about Comifest! Haru Bazaar, here we come!

True enough, the sensation, the thrill, the excitement was a blast to keep those people on their feet! There’s alot of cosplayers there. So what the hell am I waiting for!


Ok guys, I will skipped what is needed to be skip and showcase the best photos taken. Many credits given to Fatimah who had volunteered to by my minder for the day. Many many thanks! =)

What a relief to hear there’s an alternative event other than Comifest. For Comifest, its really a major disappointment of how it had turned out to be on the second day. It wasn’t that bad when Comifest was first started few months back, though despite some few negative feedback by some because of it merged together with the Wedding Planner thingy. It had causes some disruptions and the space, especially. Anyway, NO offense!

Good thing that my friend is there to accompany me, and also tell me about the Haru Bazaar event. If we had known how lacked Comifest had turned out on the second day, we could have already spend the whole day at SCAPE!

Overall, its been one hell of a fun event! Get so many hugs this time. Been overwhelmed by photographers and kids. Paparazzi!! HAHA! Just the thing to keep me on the edge as the Red Ranger! =D


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