Posted: May 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                           Stardate: 64892.4 (May 22th, 2011)

I just can’t help it posting this up. Because I’m seriously fed up with all this ridiculous speculations and predictions that the world’s going to end! Really sick and tired of hearing this from the internet that keeps popping out. In a recent news, this Harold Camping predicts that the world is going to be doom on 21st May 2011 as based on his findings. What the hell! What findings!? What prove do you have in your “findings!?”

Hei Harold, who do you think you are!? God!? Who are you trying to predict this shit!? We all are trying to enjoy our lives as much as we can here before the time comes where we will depart from this Earth. To be happy and carefree. And yet you make such people believe, especially the superstitious to run amok because of your “predictions” that the world is going to end. You are making those feel PARANOID!! What’s the theory!? Its lame! Its stupid! Its pathetic! Its rubbish! What a sore head you are! A cheat! If you dares to interfere with our lives about your next world end thingy, I’ll bet its gonna be the end of the world for you!

And I supposed you are also that same idiot who had predicts that the world will end in 1994 and 2000 as well! Why, too early for you is it!?

But the most sickness and crapness of all was this so-called phenomena that the world will end in 2012! Been predict by these native Mayans, that their so-called calender had indicated that the world will end in 2012. Can you believe it!? They actually count the stars, and for whatever shit, they claims that its stop there. I don’t know what shit they are trying to prove, but stop there? What the hell that’s supposed to mean? The stars stop by 2012? Is that it!? THIS IS SO BULLSHIT!!!! There are over TRILLIONS and GAZILLIONS stars up there! How can people possibly count stars!! What kind of calender shit are they using!!?? NO ONE CAN COUNT STARS!!!

Even the 2012 movie sucks!! In the end, the world is STILL THERE!! Only that some islands sunk! I never watch it, cause I hate it! Some of my pals did, and they told me its not worth watching. Money wasted! The movie doesn’t make any sense, as according to their verdicts. I only happened to see a glimpse of the movie. I better be watching something like an alien invasion. MOVIE FAILED!!!!

I am really disgusted when news popped that some idiot like Harold Camping predicts this shit. First its 2012. Now bring forward to 2011!!?? Can you believe it!!?? What’s next? Next month? Next week? Tomorrow!!??

I may sound too paranoid into this. But I just can’t help it with all this nonsensical nonsense that some people keep predicting the world is going to end soon! Its just TOO MUCH! Why!!? Why make such speculations!? Hate living in this world!? They are better things to do than just to make such theories that caused an outrage of anger to those people like me!

Do you have anything to say now Harold!? Knowing that your “prediction” failed!? You can shove back those stupid predictions into your gut and just keep your bloody mouth shut for now on alright! You dare interfere with our lives (or the next dumb fellow) again about your next end of the world thingy, its gonna be the end of the world for you! You are just an attention seeker! Not somebody who had faith in the things they did, or to hope for the better future! Whether the world is going to end in 2012 or not, NO ONE KNOWS!!!! Only God, the Almighty Himself KNOWS ALL! In fact…



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