Its Endless!

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                         Stardate: 64877.2 (May 17th, 2011)

Despite the end of this year’s General Election just one week ago, there’s still pockets of us still gossiping, still blabbering about it. My antenna had picked this up from buses to train and to work. Unbelievable! From morning till evening. It was like as though they couldn’t wait for another five years where another GE will commenced again. The problem arises due to certain political issues that left many of us, or it seems majority of us, to feel unhappy about it. Well, its about politics anyway. What can you expect behind all this? Those talks, speeches on stages during rallies. Were they really meant it as to what been delivered to us? On the other hand, seems like “standard protocols” can never be that standardized. Promise made, ended up been compromised for some.

Where are the benefits that we are expecting? Where’s the take? Words are spoken, but there’s seems little action taken. I’m not trying to be political here nor calculative, but this is what that has been circulating from everybody’s mouth, the media, and at large through the Internet. Not to mention, getting this political signals jammed through my antenna from those who still couldn’t get enough of this GE thingy. Facebook was another best hit to populate this dramatic debates. Twitter was another chatterbox of the town. Seems like from day to dawn, my wall was been massively spam by friends commenting endlessly about this GE. I’m surprised by how extremely straightforward by some of them that left me entirely speechless. This year’s seems alot serious, let alone demanding, compare to those previous years, as what I’ve notice. Tantrums are thrown, which tells me that this is the best time to voice out what is needed to be voice out! To unveil that true colours. The people have spoken!

I’ve read too many till my eyes get sick of reading. And my brain was been overloaded with so many of this debates. Its like reading a massive crisis that left you to buried in the shadows and never dare to see the sun or the moon again. Personally, I’m not much of a fan when comes to politics. I just vote for the sake of voting! (Object me if you wish!) Just to end this headache before getting another one in five years to come. Also, despite of my saying, I sure hope the party that I’m voting would kept their promises and not to get their pockets burn unreasonably. Get my drift?

Come on guys, let’s stop all this debates. Its over! Its time to move on with our lives and let those responsible deal into this. Sure, many of us are highly concern. But if it gets too overwhelmed, there will be those who will eventually erupt. You can argue about this again 5 years later. Now let’s enjoy what we can and hope for the best in life and the future.


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