SPI Minutes Of Meeting

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                           Stardate: 64874.8 (May 15th, 2011)

During the recent SPI meeting which was been held yesterday evening the 14th, we had touch upon on the standard procedures, which comes forth about the dos and dons which had to be taken into consideration. Same rule applies, just that we have to corporate it to new members who just join the club as agents to get them familiarize, and also for us to take them into consideration. We shall also see to it if there’s any part of the rules and regulations that needs to be amended.

This includes, where we shall discuss on the upcoming projects, recces, investigations, corporal events and spooky walks for this year’s planned. Also, that day we are given our new SPI ID pass, that shall replace our existing ones which had already been expired. The ID can only be active once every year. This ID is official, and had be donned during investigations and when dealing with members of public during spooky walks, seminars and corporate events. Also when we were called upon to assist them when he or she discovered that their house or working place was been reportedly haunted. The ID itself also holds a strong restriction as it can be never be used inappropriately out of SPI. It was been trademark, and those who were found abusing the ID shall be taken into task and will have his or her status as agent been removed. We have no choice but to be strict upon this, as this had happened before in the past. The name itself, the logo was been trademark, we have been well-known by the people here, so we wouldn’t want to let the same shameless incident to resurface again. Members of public will think we are just a bunch of loose thrill-seekers behaving like some hooligans of the night. This, cannot be compromise.

Also, we shall discuss on the various departments that SPI had in store. Its main role, objectives and who were the section heads and their teams been assigned to these respective categories. Though each were assigned to perform their task, we still have to bring fourth that teamwork from all, regardless from which department you were in. Doing alone from that team doesn’t seem to gain anything out of the benefit. So its best to be equally, and to have an open-minded concept so that everyone can have a better mutual understanding. Its what best for everybody and for the club.

And last but not least, the best part is always the joke and laughter at the end of the meeting before we call it the day =)


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