White Turtle Neck Sweater For My Power Ranger Suit

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                          Stardate: 64868.1 (May 13th, 2011)

I finally managed to brought a turtle-neck white sweater which is regards to my Power Ranger suit. The reason being, so that the turtle neck area covers the entire of my neck. Previously thought that my original Power Ranger balaclava (which I had carelessly left it at the toilet of Ngee Ann Polytechnic during a cosplay event, and now been replace with the white ninja mask) will cover my neck. And also thought it might blend with the white T-shirt that I had worn beneath the suit. However it turns out that part of my skin was been exposed when I moved my neck, as been spotted by some of my friends. So it can be kind of awkward for me. Also, the trouble of adjusting it while you are having fun cosplaying. Kind of restraining the fun, don’t you think? Let alone feeling worried from time to time as to whether your skin will be exposed again.

So I had to do something in order to make it as a proper image for the suit. And the only way to kill the consequences was to get a white turtle neck sweater. This one I brought was a stretchable one with an affordable price. Seems perfect enough. For the ninja white mask or balaclava, I can stuffed the bottom part of it beneath the turtle neck.

Now, the setting will take place, as I’m ready to suit up. To test the outcome.

Neat! Just the way I had hoped it would be =)

I’m now satisfied with the outcome as this is what I’m expecting for. Looks like my troubles are over! =D

Oh yah, by the way today’s Friday the 13th. Yeah I know what’s in store for this so-called conflicting day dedicated for the superstitious. No offense here, but I just can’t be bothered into it. To me, its like any other day….


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