Replacement For My Lost Power Ranger Balaclava

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                         Stardate: 64804.8 (Apr 21st, 2011)

Damn, the unbearable weather earlier seems to drive some of us crazy till we go sick! I began to develop a bad sore throat and this coughing just won’t go away! Hopefully I won’t fall sick the next day. Seems like a mild one, but had tested myself by swallowing 2 tables of panadol to see how the result goes…

Anyway, just to let you know that I recently order this white ninja hood, or balaclava as some would say, from ebay. This is regards to my Red Ranger white balaclava that is to be worn before putting on the helmet. I carelessly left it inside the toilet of Ngee Ann Polytechnic when I was changing after an event that was held there. I didn’t realize it until I reach home. That’s where I notice something is missing. That’s where I realize it. Damn it! So heartbreaking! I shouldn’t have rush! And also, I had another cosplay event the following day, which was held at Funan IT Mall! Without it, I don’t think I can morphed as the Red Ranger.

Time for desperate measures!! So ended up I had to use this long white cloth, which I urgently had to ask my mum to help sew the sides together. So it looks more like a sock, and good enough to cover my neck. Also, as a substitute while I go placed an order for the ninja hood. I find it suitable enough to replace for my lost balaclava. I brought two pairs. One is for my friend, who also happens to be a Red Ranger. Season 1 Red Ranger, to be exact. Its true as what many would say, that the Red Ranger has always been everybody’s favourite Power Ranger! =D

Anyway, my friend’s balaclava happens to be a black one. So when he wears the helmet, you can still see part of it, which doesn’t seem at all match to the white collar which was been mended to his suit. Unlike mine, which was not been mend together with the suit. Ours comes from different tailor. So I decided its best I brought for him too, since the prize is quite affordable.

Here’s the items, which landed on my doorstep today =)

Suitable enough as a replacement isn’t it? I mean to me, of course. Its fits most. And its stretchable.

Also, had to remind myself, not to rush when changing after the event ends. Who knows that one day I might ended up carelessly leaving behind my Blade Blaster. That sure gonna make me cry like a demanding child when his parents refuse to buy him a toy…..


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