Funan Engage 2011

Posted: April 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                      Stardate: 64777.2 (Apr 10th, 2011)

There’s happening taken place at the Funan IT Mall Atrium. Costume Talent, Movie Mania had organized a cosplay competition known as Funan Engage 2011 which is in conjunction with Funan Digital Sale. It’s a free event, and free for all for those who is not participating for the competition but just to have a whole lot of fun cosplaying in their character. There’s also a special guest appearance by Japanese Idol, Chiroru Hoshino who will be performing on stage. Her fans were there, ready to scream their lungs out when her most enthusiastic cheers came.

As for the competition, I was been encouraged to took part into it. According to the list I saw, there’s not much people signing up for the competition. There’s still a lot of available slots left. You just have to give your name, the character you are in and from which series or movies they came from. Due to the encouragement given, I ended up facing a dilemma. Should I, or should not sign for it at this very last moment. The competition will be held in 2 hours time, and I got that spare moment to decide! Besides, this is not my first time performing on stage for cosplaying. The current one, being as my favourite Star Trek character, the Borg was a pure epic one. Unforgettable. And that was 2 years ago. So, should I, or should not? As Red Ranger. At the back of my mind tells me to go for it. I always love getting the attention, the admiration when comes to cosplaying. Acting on stage will give be a bigger one. I had experience it before, and I know how the adrenaline is!

So I made up my mind. I’m in! Thanks Wilson for the encouragement! =)

The adrenaline pumps hard into me when its my turn. Armed with my Red Ranger Power Sword and the Blade Blaster, I began to swing around into action. Performing the moves made by the Red Ranger himself, with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song playing in the background. That’s what makes me to stay alive up there, and to clear any doubts. The song is like my medicine, while I showcase my moves infront of the judges and tons of hundreds of people watching from the Atrium and from the levels of the shopping mall.

The judges had soon decide who will be up for the Top 10. Needless to say, I did not make it. But I’m not all entirely disappointed. Its worth be on stage, and to showcase your skills and talents as the character you are in. Its a fun experience! Its all about cosplaying. To have fun characterizing yourself as your favourite character. Be loved and amazed by the people as they rush to take photos with you! =)

At least I get a goodie bag from all that hard work on stage! HAHA!

So once that’s over, I’m back with my pals to take some photos with the public. The part where I enjoyed the most till I don’t even want to remove my ranger helmet just to get back some fresh ventilation! Haha!

What a day! Its been a whole of fun, and its great that this event falls on my off day! Perfect time to make the best used of it to spend the day cosplaying =)

Now my Red Ranger deserves a good break. Awaiting for the day where I need to morph again… =P


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