Zoo Outing

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                          Stardate: 64757.7 (Mar 03th, 2011)

Initially thought of having fun at Universal Studios Singapore, since I long planning to visit there. Was damn itching on taking that Battlestar Galatica ride, especially. But a friend of ours had wanting to go to the zoo, since he had some of his best friends there that he had so long haven’t met. Furthermore, his favourite place to visit, as what he had claims.

Well, why not then? Even for myself, its been quite a while since I’ve last visited the zoo. As I would expect, they might be some changes there. Upgrading, and possibly bringing in more animals. Heard that they are planning to house in Pandas by next year. Awesome!! =)) Those bears gonna be loved!

So its confirm then; we are heading towards the zoo. The trip to Universal Studios Singapore will be planned on a later date. Too bad two of our gang couldn’t make it. So ended up only two of us, me and Mathias. But at least its better than being going there alone! Haha! Besides, I was given off for that day. I wouldn’t want to rot at home doing absolutely nothing but rot! I need something to do! Exploring! Going out with friends! Make used of the day before it ends! I hate wasting my time around the clock when the opportunity is there.

So there we were! At the zoo, exploring the nature and wildlife that Singapore can offered at its best. It was drizzling when we arrived that. Not much rain though, but we were praying that it wouldn’t rain. This little rain is good enough!

There’s quite a lot of changes in the zoo, as I would have expected. Those usual paths, where I remember walking along them some ages ago was no longer in sight. The paths were shifted, and new facilities had taken place. As we walked in further, the sound and cries from those animals does brings me memories of the place. Especially the time when I was in primary school doing those excursion and educational trips. Ahh….the nostalgia….

So, here are the photos taken on the wild! =)

Glad that I managed to spend the day exploring at the zoo with my friend rather than just sitting ducks at home. Its worth every of that quality hours spend! =D

Ok guys, let’s now planned for another trip. Universal Studios Singapore, perhaps? =D


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