My Red Ranger After Alteration

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                          Stardate: 64716.9 (Mar 19th, 2011)

Yes!! Finally I had my Red Ranger suit back in my hands! One of the staff there at No.1 Costume had asked me t0 try it out to see the results. I can say its worth better looking and leaner than before. The saggy areas were been reduced. Well approve on the arm areas. Nicely done! Been away from me its like having my power been taken away and left me to feel powerless, temporarily. Yeah right! Haha! Too engrossed to my Power Ranger already! =D

Anyway, here’s the difference. Before and after alteration. I had decided to put this up for you guys to spot on. By the way, sorry for the delay. The suit was been collected on Thursday the 17th. Was been interfere with my workflow, thus had to delay for a while. But as promise, this is it!

So guys, feel free to comment! =) And a special dedicated photo for you guys! =D


  1. Azli says:

    Looks more leaner and slimmer. LOL!

  2. Michael Copeland says:

    I love the power ranger,How can i get one of the costum,and the cost

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