Dear Red Ranger….Its For The Best!

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 64707.2 (Mar 15th, 2011)

This past few weeks has been like hell for me. Tormented, and felt like going to explode without warning. Though the work appeared rather tantamount, but the comparison of the workload was a far greater heavy burden that seems to be forever resting on your shoulders. Its like its never end! Seems like everyday the table will be infested with a garbage of something new. Cases come, cases go. And repeats. I’ve been temporarily place in this position, and as according to them, only for 2 months. So I have to endured within that period of time before been thrown back to my original shift pattern which I had find it more pleasant and flexible, since I had learn how to live with it. Though subsequently tiring, but not the kind of thing where you had to grasp a handful of load and just hold it there and wait for an eternity for it to drop.

Well, I better might as well get used to this one – even for that 2 months. I did learn something new though…

Anyway, earlier I visited this No.1 Costume Costume (Yes, it was written double) in regards to my Red Power Ranger suit. Its also the place where my Star Trek – Starfleet uniforms were been tailored. My friends were right. It needs to be alter, because it appeared rather loose from the arm areas. Seeing the photos been posted in my Facebook, you can tell. At first, I didn’t want to. Because been blizzard by doubts that re-tailoring it might damage the suit. But sooner or later I was faced with a dilemma. I had referred to the photos like countless times. Yes, I do appeared kind of bloated and out-of-shape. So I seek advise, especially from my friend who dressed up as the Green Ranger, as to what the tailor would do normally; should I were to send it for alteration. So I decided its time to do something about it, rather than leave it hanging loose. Professional tailors can tell, and the No.1 Costume is recognizable for me as my obvious choice to send it for alteration. The lady there who will alter my suit is quick to recognize once she asked me to put on the suit. Yeah, does require some surgery. Haha!

Nevertheless, my friends did pointed out that the suit still looks great. No doubt about it. I will collect the suit this coming Thursday. Hope it turns out good… *Fingers crossed.*


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