Singapore ComiFest 2011

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                          Stardate: 64693.3 (Mar 10th, 2011)

I was initially supposed to write the story earlier. But my blog was been diagnose by some error and had to be left dry. So now it seems like its fully recovered (I hope…) for my next installment.

Comifest 2011 is a 2 days event (5th-6th March) organised by Full House Communications and TCZ Studio Pte Ltd, and supported by Comic Society (Singapore). Its a mini event, and absolutely free! Perfect for those who were just too engrossed and hungry for more cosplay event. It was also been collaborated with the Wedding and Travel event as well, as both were held on the same floor. Hmm….perhaps the lovely gowns might catch some interest from any of us cosplayers. And since the area was limited, we have to be careful not to bump into them. Especially those who carried large props.

I get to know about this last minute. Straightaway, I knew what I have to do. I’ve been waiting for this, and I’m ready for the go!


This event is mainly dedicated for anime fans. But there’s still be pockets of different cosplayers. You are sure to see some few police and military cosplayers, especially. Very hard to miss. Also, the website had stated, that the organizers invite “all cosplayers.” It doesn’t reflect, specifically as to which. So why held back when you are really engrossed into cosplay? Like what I did for mine.

Red Ranger has won the hearts of many kids, not to mention the girls, whom many did not expected for a Power Ranger to make presence. Well, cosplay has always been the unexpected, isn’t it? =D Even for my friend, who cosplay as Venom Symbiote, who is one of Spiderman’s most fearsome nemesis had make them to scream in shrill excitement upon seeing him appearing out of nowhere….

Also, as mentioned before, the reason why I go for Red Ranger is to dedicate to the kids. They will go wild upon seeing colourful superheroes and some may even want a big hug. Which I love the most! Hehe! I love kids! So why not! =P Besides, its always been my dream to become a Power Ranger since childhood. Memories flooded back to my mind by the time I put on the suit. But all this wouldn’t have happened if not for my friend, who cosplay as the Green Ranger. He had provided me with everything that I needed to know. Thanks Barry!

These whole lot of photos were taken on both days.

Even though its small and simple, we still enjoy the time and pose infront of the mob of photographers. Nevertheless, its mainly about us cosplaying, and mingle among our friends! That’s the most important =)

Even being the Red Ranger, I will still NEVER abandon my previous cosplaying. Star Trek, SWAT especially. I’m still a Trekkie, and SWAT is in ME! =D


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