Happy 17th Birthday Danny!!

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 64656.2 (Feb 27th, 2011)

Yesterday (Feb 26th) was a birthday blast for our dear friend, Danny. Happy 17th Birthday!!! He had invited many of us cosplayers, together with his family, relatives and friends at Costa Sands Resort – Downtown East where he had held his birthday party. His birthday was also a shared birthday with one of his relative, if I’m not mistaken, as it falls on the same day as he is.

At the same time, we also decided to have a cosplay party as a special contribution for his birthday. But too bad many of us cosplayers were unable to attend the party. Those who had agreed to it, unfortunately, were caught up with something at the very last minute and sadly had to give it a miss =(

But Danny still urge us to continue with the cosplay. It will be more fun and exciting, especially when there’s kids around. So what’s left were myself being the Red Ranger and a friend of ours, named Mathias, as Spiderman! Unlike me, who still prefer more of us cosplayers to show up, Mathias seems perfectly ok with only just the two of us. Well, if he can handle it, why can’t I? Besides, we had agreed upon for the sake of Danny’s birthday. So why reject that idea? Other than that, I’m dying to try out my Red Ranger costume. I was waiting for that moment. And that moment will be on that night, as my first time suiting up as Red Ranger. The kids there will love it! As this is one of the reasons why I go for Red Ranger – to dedicate for the kids. Not to mention, cameras will start flashing. Take it like as though its an official cosplay. But specially dedicated for Danny’s 17th birthday! =D

So, its MORPHIN TIME for me!! Be teaming up with Spiderman!!!

However, we are not the only one in cosplay. Mathias also happened to bring a Venom costume. Venom is one of Spiderman’s archenemy, and what Mathias had was based on the first and most famous version. So one of Danny’s friend was keen enough to try it out. Surprisingly it fits him nicely. Congratulations! Now he will get to experience what’s it like to cosplay =)

Now here’s the most interesting part. And which something that I would not expected. Like as though his birthday party is not enough, one of us had suggest that we as cosplayers, should walk around the chalet grounds. Sounds kinda exaggerating? Indeed! But after a while, it was thrilling! The attention from the kids especially, was like endless! It might not be like some official cosplay. But this idea was freaking awesome as we had done something that we would never expected at all! At the start, I know for sure we gonna caught the attention of nearby patrons that were close to our chalet. But I never actually expected more than just that. Thanks to my friend because of his ideal suggestion to move around the chalet grounds =) We had also choose the entrance of the resort as our “photograph session.” It really melts my heart to hear those kids scream when they saw us! =D

We had turned Costa Sand Resort into a night of fun activity – which is somehow, unexpected for the guests!

Its been one hell of a night of fun. A birthday party, and cosplaying at the same time! Too bad the rest of our invited cosfans had to miss this out. But not to worry guys, its never too late. Cause we might have another round of this cos-birthday party and you are guys are sure to be invited! =)


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Awesome !! Haha was a great night after reading it… Hah

  2. Ryan says:

    Bro, that’s freaking awesome man! Finally u morphed! LOL!!

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