SPI Dinner Gathering

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 64635.5 (Feb 20th, 2011)

Its that time of the night again where we SPI members will gathered for our reunion dinner. Yesterday’s (Feb 19th) hearty feast had taken place at Marina Square’s Seoul Garden. Its been quite a while since I last came to this buffet restaurant =)

So yesterday night was accompanied with endless jokes and laughter as we feast on those mouth-watering buffet been spread across the table. No doubt, as this is what the gathering is all about. Dedicated for the SPI family. The moment to enjoy ourselves, but still values the trademark and the name SPI rightfully.

Most exciting of all is when one of us was been arrowed just for the fun of teasing. Seems like an easy target for some! Haha! And by each joke, comes bigger laughter. Laugh till your tummy hurts. Till you cry and that’s where you feel like as though you are tearing yourself apart! =D It was endless, meaningful, spontaneous, and only us will treasure every bit of this momentous history of ours!

SPI For The Win!


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