Abandoned Brunei Hostel

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                       Stardate: 64621.4 (Feb 14th, 2011)

I was been introduced about this hostel from one of the our paranormal club members some time ago. According to him, he came across it from a blog, and therefore was rather intrigued into it. Before inviting me into this, he had actually try to contact the blogger through her message inbox. However, there’s no response till now.

So, that left us to seek into some serious study into it. We had dig out some few from the internet. Though its limited, they still provide us with some insights, not to mention, history background about the hostel. That brief part of history was sufficient to our needs, as our info guide. But it still be better if there’s more info than what we came across.

Based on information gathered, it appears that this Brunei Hostel was started around in the 60s. It was part of the Brunei’s Government to provide better education. Brunei was known to be a very poor nation during those days. They had not much in terms of an educational system back then. So every year from the beginning of 1950, they will sent a selected group of 20 students to Singapore. Starting from the age of 12 years old and up. Singapore was been suited as a better choice to establish such hostel for them.

Infact, up till today. So that’s why it was quite noticeable, and common for young Brunei students to go for their overseas study. The airport will be packed with families and friends sending them off. So its nothing new.

Somewhere in 1975, the hostel was been expanded. Subsequently adding new facilities to better aid the students. Also, for more new students as well as trainee government officers. The site was finally shutdown in 1982…..

It was quite interesting to hear that such places like this was left hidden among the midst in such an estate. It was located within a rich residential areas, where old colonial bungalows still exists. And its also a place when some of the Ambassadors and Diplomats representing for this country resides. All nestled in amongst lush green jungle. So it can be quite interesting to hear that hidden among all this lies an abandoned Brunei Hostel…..

It also appears that few of us members had check the place out before. Doesn’t always turn out to be paranormal just because its been left abandoned. But we still on the go. We might get some interesting results that we might be expecting.

So, two days ago, Saturday the 10th, few of us members went to recce the place out. Those of us who had went there will be the guide.

Its obvious to note that the entire place was a huge mess. Over the years had passed, many of the hallways, even the rooms were overgrown with leaves. Rows of lush vegetation had taken half of the space in few of the rooms! What used to be concrete along the corridor, was a carpet of mud. Damn thick. Its like walking in a swamp! Not to mention, how bad the ceiling were. Many of them seems like its going to fall apart at anytime.

Halfway throughout the recce, the sky started raining. Before that, we had already notice the storm coming from the horizon. The changes in mother nature felt like as though an eclipse had just formed. Giving the entire place the chilling effect and a more darker environment…….

Now here’s something catchy. Due to my own personal experience, I did felt something. Like a presence in one of the rooms. Other rooms seems negative, excluding the cold from the rain. But this one, seems peculiar. Its started right at the moment when we step into the room. Its like the feeling that you have been push, by an unseen force. Other than that, I felt something its not right in that room. I can’t exactly tell for sure, but there’s something in this room. It does raise the hairs at the back of my neck for that matter. And this feeling stick with me until we exit from the room. Also, the EMF readings had spike up to 01:00 plus. Remaining there and dropped back to normal range once we were out from the room.

Could it be……

The end results was catchy, as to conclude. Few areas, including that room, were been marked.

These are some of the old photos which we had came across. This is what the hostel looks like before it was left to rot. Credits to akbswe.

And check out this cool and funky graffitis! =)


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