Down With Boredom Fever….

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 64613.3 (Feb 11th, 2011)

Damn, I’m so sick! Suffered from boredom fever, that’s for sure. Surfing in Facebook after a while can get pretty bored after that. Pretty jumpy if you asked me. Besides, I had no latest computer game to participate into. If not, I’ll be glued to my chair and spend hours battling like hell against my opponents. And I’m only referring to my favourite ones.

That’s where a thought hit me like a hammer drops. I remember a friend of mine, who was also into cosplaying, has taken some photos of his geeky stuff, as the way he liked to call it and had posted them inside his Facebook. They turned out to be some interesting posters and banners that he had printed out from the internet. Which he finds them interesting. An impression of his. He admit that he was bored, and so had decided to redecorate his room with those.

That gives me the bright idea to start mine too! =D Just to get cured from this damn boredom. Besides, I got nothing else to do anyway! So I spend that quality time searching for the best of my geeky stuffy across the internet. Yes, that will be from Star Trek and SWAT =)

Picture below are the most interesting ones, as to my own impression, I had uncovered.

I gonna paste some of them on the wall of my bedroom. But before doing so, I need them to be laminate. Its cleaner and neater that way. Giving it a good and polishing look. However, only two will be excluded from lamination. Won’t be necessary.

What’s before, its now after! =D

So there I go. Decorate my room with the posters, and had them stick to the areas where I want them to be =)

Once done, I settle down comfortably and admired the changes in my room. Does reminds me of my old bedroom in Tampines many years ago before we shifted to Bedok. My kiddy days! Its that time where I loved to paste my sketches on the wall. Decorating it into almost like an Art Museum! =D

Well, that satisfied me enough that I managed to kill some time. But even as I speak, there sure be another day where I’ll be down to boredom fever again……


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