The Wait Is Over!

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                Stardate: 64602.5 (Feb 08th, 2011)

YES!!! FINALLY ITS HERE!!! Called me a kid if you wish, but my Red Power Ranger costume is finally here! I’ve been waiting for this like an eternity!

Its all started last year February, during an airshow where me and my Star Trek guys were there as costumers, and which involved together with our costuming partner, MoviaMania. One of the cosplayers was wearing a Green Ranger outfit from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. One of my greatest childhood superheroes. I’m aware there are other Power Rangers been introduced than the one I’ve mentioned. There’s Power Rangers Zeo, Turbo, Time Force, In Space, S.P.D, Lost Galaxy, just to name a few. But as what I was told, many still prefer the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Including me as well. They are still the coolest bunch ever, and still kick-ass! I’m still a big fan to them!

I was immediately intrigued by him in that Green Ranger outfit and approached him to get some answers! =D He got it online through eBay, and that guy who tailor-made the costume resides in Thailand. He will send me the link, as well as the measurement through my Facebook inbox once the airshow event ends.

It wasn’t that moment of time where I had decided to tailor-made one. And yes, why I choose Red Ranger cause he’s my favourite Power Ranger. Besides, as what I know, he seem to be like everybody’s favourite ranger. Probably because of him gets to owned a Tyrannosaurus Zord and been selected as a true born leader.

(Until White Ranger comes along….)

Its only in September where I had decided its time for me to get that costume. Reason was, I need to save enough cash before I considered of getting one. From the link I notice, I know it ain’t gonna be cheap when comes to shipping to Singapore. But I’m SERIOUSLY into it! Just like my previous costumes. You have to be keen into it before getting one! I dedicated this for the kids. Make them happy! They love this colourful superheroes! =D

I managed to contact with the person who tailor-made this costume. I had given all my measurements to him. Next is to wait.

Maximum period was 45 days. But I had waited for nearly 5 months for it to show up at my doorstep! Reason being, due to some unforeseen circumstances, which I can pretty well understand. There was once where he informed me that there’s a problem with the helmet. Whatever it is, I’m sure he can get it fixed straightaway. He’s a busy man, I understand. I’m not his only customer on his waiting list. But I still have to keep in touch with him every now and then for the updates.

So yesterday it arrived. FINALLY!!! So happy to see the big parcel that I nearly screamed for joy infront of the postman! =D I become more overjoy when I had the package open. Its like as though I just found a buried treasure! And its like as if the uniform shines before my eyes!

I immediately try it out. Yes, its a little tight at first. Still no yet season. But within seconds, the suit fits nicely. Just right as the way I hope it will be. Once I donned in the helmet, I approached the mirror.


My cousin who lived next door happened to saw me trying out the outfit and wants to pose with me. Excellent! My first photoshoot in my Power Ranger outfit right at my own home! =D

The wait is over! I’m happy and satisfied with it. Now my buddy who was the Green Ranger will be happy to know that he’s now no longer the lone ranger. Haha! Now I can’t wait to try it out for any upcoming cosplay event!

And just to let you know, even though I have the Red Ranger outfit, I will still be into my SWAT, as well as Star Trek. They are still my passion, my dream, my geeky stuff and I will NEVER abandon them. I will always considered them like a part of my life and parcel.

  1. Neal says:


    I have been watching the Power Rangers ever since i was a kid and ‘m a huge fan of the Red Power Ranger! He’s ultimate!!!Simply superb! My nephew who is 12 is also a huge fan of the Power Rangers and he loves the Red Power Ranger too!! So, I wanted to gift him the Red Power Ranger Costume for his b’day and i found just what i wanted at Costumes 4 Less!! The best part is about all the options that you can find at Costumes4 Less I was overjoyed when i found out about it!! You should check it out too!!!


    • captain24 says:

      Haha…that’s cool! Cause as to what I know, the red ranger has always been everybody’s favourite ranger. Mine I managed to get it from this person who resides in Thailand. He tailor-made them, as well as those from Mask Rider. =)

  2. Brandon Lim says:

    Hi there, I was wondering how much was the total cost of making the suit? Was thinking of doing it as Halloween this year 🙂

    • Mohd Ariffin says:

      Hi. Our suit were tailor overseas. My red ranger was first tailor in Thailand. Now, most of us did ours from Indonesia. They have a lot of tailors/suit makers there.

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