Fun Outing With Chiroru Hoshino!

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 64601.4 (Feb 07th, 2011)

Yesterday (Feb 06th) was a blast! I went out for an outing with a couple of friends, who also invited our pen pal friend by the named of Chiroru Hoshino. She’s a well-known singer from Japan. Currently 20 yrs old and someone who was so obsessed into, not only singing and dancing, but also to anime and games. Much expected from people who lived in Japan. We get to know her last year October, during a road show event taken place at Funan IT Mall. That’s where a handful of us were cosplaying as police and SWAT as to support for the new opening of the company Black Tactical. The place where I had brought my SWAT stuff. She was been invited to perform with other singers. Her enthusiasm and talent had draw many attention, and surprisingly she was also been made ambassador for a Japanese cafe which was located at the mall itself.

So far, we seem to be her closest of friends here. Thanks to few of us who had graciously keeping in touch with her through chatlines. So here she is, back in Singapore for another round of tour. I do heard that she’s coming back, but never do I expected that she will be invited by us for yesterday’s outing! Haha! I sure hate to miss that! She was like our VIP. A fun and outgoing VIP! And I’m glad that my friend who had invited me had pick the right date. Cause yesterday happened to be my official off day! =D

We’ll meet up at SCAPE at 14oohrs. From there, we head on to Takashimaya shopping mall, where one of us wanted to buy some books at the Kinokuniya bookstore located there. This, hit me with that urge of getting that POLICE branded watch, as to replace my current one which was damage a few days ago due to a bad fall. Also the same brand, and it wasn’t just any fall. It slipped off my wrist and fell down a flight of steps. Causing a needle to snap loose.

I can say its my fault too, cause of putting it on around my wrist while walking down the steps. It had fall a few times due to my carelessness. But the latest one was the worse of all. As you can see from the photo, the time had stopped at 1310hrs due to the fall. I felt as if the whole world had stopped too. Been wearing it for about 4 years, and it does held such a sentimental value. And things like this does broke your heart more than just the item itself. I’m into this brand alot, and its also because the name POLICE does reflects a part in my career. That’s my opinion if you asked me.

So yesterday I make that decision to buy that watch as its the same place where I purchase my first POLICE timepiece. A different model this time, and I think it cost a lot more expensive than my current one. But I’m satisfied with it, to say the least that I had my favourite timepiece finally strap around my wrist =)

Though my first one is damage, I still treasure it as my first POLICE watch been made purchase. With the new one in hand, I will try to be careful not to be negligence.

Now, back to where I had started off. So the whole day we had fun at Vivocity’s Sky park, where few of us enjoy splashing one another while wading in the pool which had been feature up there. Even a bit of dancing here and there. Thanks to Chiroru =D

The sun soon set and we head to Starbucks for some coffee before we head home. We really should do this more often when she’s in Singapore. She was really so jovial within our company! What a cute friend! =)

*Regret to inform that I was been advised by the singer as not to post any photos of her here due to safety concerns, and that they were meant to be private.


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