Why I’m So Hooked Into CSI:Crime City!?

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                               Stardate: 64590.6 (Feb 03rd, 2011)

I’m so hooked into CSI: Crime City nowadays. Its one of the apps where you can play in Facebook. And I just started this last Sunday and had beat most of my friends who were somewhere above level 10. You can start guessing which level I am now! Haha! But seriously, its was damn addicted. So addicted than Treasure Isle. But I still play that game though, since I had achieved so much out of it and had gone through many levels…so why stop? Like as though it was meant to be a tedious job! HAHA!

CSI: Crime City is based on Las Vegas. I think its much related to CSI: Las Vegas, the very first CSI series to be broadcast. I’m so fond into the game that I had to log in every half an hour, an hour or a few hours just to accomplish my case. My friends who played the game were all so jealous of me when they saw my level icon been posted on their Facebook homepage every now and then. Meaning to say that I gained a level. They were jealous as to why I gained a level so fast!! When I’m only started just last Sunday!! Hahaha!

Some even had this crazy idea that I might be cheating! Oh come on, don’t be ridiculous! I don’t think you can cheat from Facebook. You think I want to cheat? That will be like so outrageous! This ain’t like those computer games where you will explore the internet for some cheat codes just to end the game quickly.

My tactics is basically simple. You just have to log in every now and then. To see if your energy level had been recharge before you start digging for clues. And to see if there’s any coffee available from your friends lab to recharge yourself before heading back to your current case. Means simply you just have to wait. I was into it like almost everyday! The game was designed so rapidly well that I wouldn’t want to sleep until I accomplished the current mission I was been assigned to! Talk about having to spend a considerable amount of time just to get the job done.

I’m making this like as though its for real, am I? =D

Most interesting in the game was the matching game, where you had to match DNA of the same kind. This only occurs when you happened to hit a spot during your investigation within the crime scene. Literally a bonus point as a means of getting free coffee. Critically, you have to be fast. Cause you are given only 12 seconds to match the DNA of the same kind. The higher you matches correctly, the better coffee you gets. Meaning to say your energy level will increase more. All this depends on how fast, how attentive and constructive your eyes is to match those.

My tip: Once you have sufficient cash, be sure to upgrade your tools and equipments. The chances are, the more advance the tools were, the less energy you will consume. And the more advance the equipments were, the lesser time it will take for you to had those clues or evidence to be analyze.


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