Book Of Adventure 9: Jurong Central Park

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                           Stardate: 64585.9 (Feb 1st, 2011)

I overheard this from a group of students seated on a bus on my way home from work, that they are planning to have a picnic at this Jurong Central Park. The excitement due to my interest in exploration start to kicks in. As such, I began to dig out for some info about this place from the internet once I landed home.

Based on information gathered, this 8-ha regional park happens to be the first in Singapore to have a life-sized boardgame features in a park, which is the life-sized Snakes and Ladders playground and Ludo Garden. They were developed based on the traditional indoor boardgames dedicated for children that is well-liked by many worldwide. Most impressively, players will used the dice tower that were built in the park for their game play. There’s a tower there. But seems to be that this is not like any other ordinary tower. Sure, you can still check the time there if you’re not wearing a watch. But also, it was been structure there as a purpose for the games. Think it was similar like how you throw in the dice, and the player has to move his or her token to the steps as shown on the dice.

It look will be great if they were to have a life-size chessboard or checkers there! A garden of games! =D

So yesterday the 31st, I set off for my destination. Also, its been quite for sometime since I last conducted my adventure, with the recent one being at Pulau Ubin. Been bombard with tons of assignments, tight deadlines within stretching hours really had me to force to push that aside. Not to mention, having to put with extra hours of work. Been accumulated with such stress! Yeah, its been hell! But what can you expect where there’s such incidents been occurred? Its a matter of the nation’s security, and which shouldn’t be compromise. Its like having a heavy burden been rested on your shoulders. They need every men and women available working in the force just to put a stop to this, once and for all.

Nevertheless, I will still proceed with this outdoor activity of mine where there’s time for it. There’s still a lot of interesting places here I’ve yet to explore! At the same time to learn more about it. Based on its history and how well the place was known. Why deemed as the most popular attraction; should any were to be recorded. To reminded those that Singapore wasn’t much of a boring place to be. You just have to open your eyes and spare the time studying those places. Similar to a historian. Once you get used to it, you will realized how fun and thrilling it can be.

This park was situated next Boon Lay MRT station. So I had to clear about 22 stations from Bedok in order to reach them. That takes about an hour. Well, getting used to travel long distance by train anyway. Haha!

It was a downpour earlier in the morning. It has been an incessant rain ever since. News headlines made that the constant rain had causes several parts of eastern Singapore to be flooded. Surely, this can remind many of us of the horrible floods that had happened along Orchard Road last year. Its the day where Orchard Road turns to Orchard River…..

Its fortunate to notice that the rain finally stops, and that’s where I immediately set to go. The sky still carries that dull mood though, so you can be expected for sure that the clouds will cry again anytime soon.

The feel of calmness and tranquility hits me once I get my first look at the place. There was a sparse feel to the place. As what I notice, this life-sized Snake and Ladders were been decorated with handful of plants and trees, just at about every inch of the perimeter. It was been said that the plants and trees there will provide the visitors with the experience of playing in the jungle settling. Does reminds me of that movie, Jumanji. How fun!

But the playground seems like a ghost town. The clock tower, or the dice tower stood there. The time still operational. Except that there’s no one to time with, cause the playground was entirely deserted. Probably because of the earlier rain. The only visitors nearby was a bunch of teens flying their kites. Yes, this places was also a good spot to fly your kites.

Apart from the games, there’s also a wetland here. This brings visitors closer to nature than just to enjoy the games itself. Its quite unusual to had one here, if you asked me. It was been said, that the park was also designed to retain its existing wetland as a habitat for those wildlife species and especially dragonflies. Nicely touch-up here, and yes, its best to leave it as it is =)

Apart from that, the place can be considered a welcoming spot for couples on their date. Especially when nightfalls. It could be a romantic one under the stars. No doubt! Hee..=)


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